Everything You Need To Know About This Is Us Season 2 (& When It Premieres)

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In a surprise for sobbing fans everywhere, This Is Us ended its freshman year with a hopeful look towards the future, as opposed to drowning in grief over Jack’s death. The Pearson patriarch’s final line to wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) in the season 1 finale — “I promise you, [our love story] is just getting started — immediately made us want to know what happens next.
Unfortunately for viewers everywhere, the Pearsons won’t be back on television for a very long time. This Is Us wrapped about two months earlier than most broadcast shows, since the traditional television season ends in May — not mid-March. That means you’re going to start jonesing for more of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), Rebecca, and the Big Three much faster than, say, Riverdale.
The silver lining here is that we can guess almost exactly when we’ll get more This Is Us this fall, since NBC has already renewed the family drama for season 2 and a 2018-starting season 3.
The network is pretty conservative with its scheduling and will likely premiere Us Season 2 on Tuesday, September 19, which falls during 2017's “premiere week.” People are used to the hit airing on a Tuesday, so it’s doubtful NBC would want to confuse viewers by moving it around.
Now that we know the exact day to start counting down until — just 188 days left, y’all — it’s time to start figuring out what’s in store for our favorite characters. Scroll through the gallery to get all the answers.
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Jack & Rebecca's Marriage

Viewers have been trying to figure out if Jack’s beloved marriage ends before his death. His season 1-ending speech all but confirms that’s not going to happen. Expect to see much more crazy, screaming love for these two.
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Kate & Toby's Wedding

If you thought we got in depth with Kate (Chrissy Metz) and her relationship this season, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Although a wedding is still possible, Kate’s TV boyfriend Chris Sullivan cautioned at a post-finale Q&A, “I think they’re coming down from the dopamine, serotonin festival of falling in love… it’s about to get real.”

It’s also likely we’ll finally find out why Kate believes her father’s death is her fault.
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Randall & Beth's Possible Baby

We might just see Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) in their first real argument. Randall may be ready to adopt a new baby, but Beth isn’t going to be so on board with the idea, following the ordeal of watching William (Ron Cephas Jones) die of cancer.

“She was looking forward to a time in their life where she could start doing other thing,” Kelechi Watson reveals. “She really wants to figure some things out for herself.”
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Kevin & Sophie's Relationship

Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) had a shockingly mature reaction to the actor’s prospective Hollywood movie role. In “Moonshadow,” Sophie assures her ex-husband-slash-boyfriend she wants him to succeed and whispers, “love you too” after he rushes to the airport.

Kevin and Sophie may just end up being season 2’s most stable pairing.