Katy Perry Has A Rad New Pixie Cut

Two weeks after revealing her bleach-blonde 'do, Katy Perry is making another change to her hair. Perry revealed her new pixie cut on Instagram, captioning the video, "I wasn't ready till now." Add this new look to her already epic beauty evolution.
The chop comes courtesy of hairstylist to the stars, Chris McMillan. Sound familiar? He's the guy who gave Jennifer Aniston her "Rachel" haircut. He's also the maestro behind Kim K.'s wedding-day coif. Remember Miley Cyrus' transformation from Hannah Montana to badass short-haired babe? McMillan manned the scissors behind that major change.
"What do you think, Chris?" Perry asks in the video. We can spy McMillian putting a few finishing touches on the style, but his smile says it all. He's grinning ear-to-ear as he fixes Perry's peroxide bangs and choppy layers. The cut is short — really short.


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"I love it. Are you kidding? I've been wanting to do this since the day I met you," McMillan says. "Do you remember?"
While she's admiring her new haircut, we can see Perry messing up the back and playing with her newly textured look. It's a major change from her shoulder-length blonde hair, but judging by how happy Perry looks in the clip, we're sure she's feeling it.
"I wasn't ready," she admits as the camera zooms in and out on her face. Those red lips, fixed in a sly smirk, say it all. She ends the vid with a sweet kiss to the camera.
It's clear the singer has enlisted a hair dream team for this particular transformation. You can also see just how versatile the short 'do is during a second clip, in which Perry credits colorist Melinda Miller-Rider for that platinum dye job. It turns out she had a little help from celebrity colorist Justin Anderson, too, who tells us Michelle Williams was the inspiration for Perry's short blond look. "When I have clients go from black to blonde, their hair can pull warm [hues] a few weeks later, so I make sure they take home the dpHUE Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to help avoid the unwanted brass and yellow tones," Anderson, who is the creative director for the brand, says. "It will keep the color looking vibrant and shiny."
We told you short hair was fun. Perry's just here to prove it.