Jaclyn Hill Is Launching Another Highlighter — But It’s Not What You Think

We've already heard the news that Jaclyn Hill is releasing a collaboration with Morphe. We even know that Hill’s latest launch involves an eyeshadow palette loaded with rich pigments. But the one thing the YouTube star kept a secret is that the product will include a shimmering surprise — a highlighter.

This is especially exciting, considering Hill is known for the Champagne Pop highlighter she released with Becca Cosmetics last year. But there are some key differences we'd like to point out. For starters, the shade will be housed inside the palette. Secondly, it's there for an entirely separate purpose: to highlight the brow bone.
Photo: Via @JaclynHill/Snapchat.
Photo: Via @JaclynHill/Snapchat.
Hill posted a sneak peek of the hue to her Snapchat, with a few notes on the formula. “It is a completely different formulation than the other shimmers that you guys have seen so far," she said. "I wanted to create a great neutral highlighting shade that wasn't too oily or pigmented because I didn't want it to have a ton of fallout when highlighting the brow bone.”

Hill even tested it out on her cheekbone to show off the luminosity factor and it's better than we thought. Sure, you’ll have to be purchase the entire palette to get your hands on this highlighter, but that's a price we're willing to pay.