Instagram's Newest Feature Is Not What We Were Expecting

Over the past six months, it seemed like Instagram's main focus was on expanding Instagram Stories. While there were notable updates to the Instagram you know and love, including updated support tools and a way to save posts for later, it looked like Stories was getting the most attention on the development side.

However, word leaked today about the newest feature coming to Instagram, and it is primed to be one of the app's biggest updates yet. According to Verge, all users will soon have access to multi-photo Instagram albums. When you press and hold on a photo, you'll be able to select multiple photos to add to one gallery, or post, which users will be able to swipe through in Tinder-like style. This means that your globetrotting friend can pile images from her Iceland trip into one post, rather than separate, individual posts.

This feature has previously been available to advertisers but not the general public.

Phillip Chang found the new album tool in a beta version of Instagram that was released to Android users and tweeted out a first look.
It isn't clear when this beta version will roll out to iOS users and when its official release will take place. There are also additional questions about basic appearance. Will there be any way to indicate that a post is a gallery versus just a single photo? Or will you need to long-press on every photo that shows up in your feed?

Either way, albums could lead to one very good change: a more efficient way of looking at your feed. The more photos celebs and friends put in a single post, the less time you'll have to spend scrolling.

We've reached out to Instagram for comment and will update this piece with more information.