These Boys Prove That Beauty Is For EVERYONE

Photo: Via @thegabrielzamora.
There's no denying that tensions have been high over the last few months, but if there's one thing we can celebrate, it's the growing inclusivity of the beauty community. Hijabi women are getting mainstream beauty recognition, the hair aisle is becoming de-segregated, and trans women are being featured in boundary-breaking ads.

And in the last year especially, we've seen another major shift: the celebration of male YouTubers. Young men like James Charles and Lewys Ball are being honored with massive cosmetics campaigns — proving that a love of makeup knows no gender.

But, in an industry that's long excluded people of color, it's important to note that white men are not the only ones leading this charge. Ahead, we've rounded up a few of our favorite men of color who are swiping and blending with the rest of them — shattering outdated beauty standards in more ways than one.

Some of these fellas have YouTube followers in the millions, while others are up-and-comers — either way, you're going to want to hit "follow," STAT.
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Damilola Adejonwo
U.K.-based beauty blogger, Damilola Adejonwo, is new to YouTube (he joined just one year ago!), but he's quickly stolen on hearts. Not only is Adejonwo a stellar amateur makeup artist, but he also makes adorable videos with his crew of besties.
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Gabriel Zamora
Mexican-American YouTuber, Gabriel Zamora, is known for his vibrant-blue head of hair. His makeup aesthetic though, is slightly more subdued. If you're a fan of dewy, natural-yet-glamorous makeup, you'll love Zamora's channel.
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Zachary Domingo
Beauty vlogger Zachary Domingo (also known as BarbieGutz) is just 17 years old, but he can seriously craft a makeup look. Head over to his channel for ultra-glamourous cut creases, glitter looks, and lots of strobing.
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Marc Zapanta
Marc Zapanta, who describes himself as "proudly Filipino," is known for his stunning transformations. Watch him flex his makeup (and wig) skills as he channels celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Gigi hadid.
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Patrick Starrr
"I feel like the minority of minorities — I'm gay, I'm plus-sized, I'm Filipino, I do makeup," Patrick Simondac (also known as Patrick Starrr) told Refinery29. "I really had to prove to my family [that I could do this]."

And he has. Since starting his YouTube channel in 2013, Simondac has collaborated with numerous brands and garnered over 4 million followers on YouTube and Instagram.
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Manny MUA
Manny Gutierrez, who also happens to be Simondac's best friend, is another Mexican-American beauty blogger making major waves in the industry. Gutierrez just starred in a major campaign with Maybelline and has had numerous successful collaborations with brands. If you're in need of a good laugh, check out Guiterrez's "Chatty Get Ready With Me" videos.
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