The Unofficial Taylor Swift Squad Gift Guide

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So here's a question: Do Taylor Swift and her girlfriends have a Secret Santa exchange? Or do they shop individually for each member of their iconic squad? If the latter is true, my theory is that Taylor gets a lot of cat-themed gifts. Might I recommend Crafting with Cat Hair as a jokey stocking stuffer? Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey — the felines, not the characters — probably shed enough to knit a sweater.

That checks Swift off the list. But what about the rest of the ladies? What should they be getting for the holidays this year?

Before you wrack your brain too hard, just stop — because we've already given it some thought and have the stars covered. Find out what we'd put under Swift's besties' trees this year. And if you're wondering, yes, it is hard to shop for the girl who literally has everything.

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Not-so-secret smarty-pants Cara Delevingne could probably use some new reading material, right? That's why we would sign her up for Book of the Month Club this holiday season. Knowledge and can't-put-it-down fiction: the gifts that keep on giving.
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Real talk: We want to hear Serayah sing more. Selfishly, we're going to make that happen by buying her a karaoke machine, so that next time she invites us over, there will be a private concert on the docket. Wishes all around: granted.
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Martha Hunt spends a lot of time wandering around in a silky bathrobe. We're definitely splurging on a pair of fun slippers to go with the lingerie!
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Lily Aldridge is one of the most jet-setting gals we know. (Okay, this is a liberal use of the word "know," but just go with it.) It might seem cliche to give someone a scarf for the holidays, but this one actually does double duty as an in-flight blanket — and triple if you count it as a stylish addition to her off-duty-model post-plane attire.
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We had Gigi's present pick locked down months ago. The queen of denim is definitely getting a pair of RE/DONE jeans — and since each and ever pair is unique, we know she doesn't already have these in her closet.
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Karlie Kloss is clearly a tough person to shop for. But we have a feeling she'd get a kick out of this J.Crew glittery taco purse. Sure, it's for the kids' line — but that doesn't mean it's not adorable for adults, too.
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Our gift to Selena Gomez this year would be a moratorium on talking about her relationship with Bieber. (Just kidding: I would never, ever do that.) But it's the thought that counts, right?
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Now that Blake is the mama to not one, but two, adorable little kiddos, we're guessing that she takes her relaxation time pretty seriously. With that in mind, we're also guessing she'd appreciate a little TLC kit from Lush Cosmetics. Made by hand with all-natural ingredients, all the company's lines are very on-brand Blake.
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Hailee has been super busy this year, so we're thinking that if she were in our squad, the best gift we could give her is a little R&R — maybe in the context of a girlfriends-only spa getaway?
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