15 Surprisingly Festive Jell-O Shots To Make For Thanksgiving

Photo: Courtesy of The Watering Mouth.
Maybe you live for Thanksgiving, turkey, and forced family time. Maybe the thought of getting stuck at the "kids" table yet again, or caught talking to that crazy aunt, boils your blood. Or, maybe you just fall somewhere in the "eh" shoulder-shrugging neutral zone. Whatever your feelings may be on the food-filled day, we've got a little something up our sleeves that we hope might up the general merriment factor. Hear us out on this genius Thanksgiving gathering cure-all: Jell-O shots.
Part 1950s delicacy, part rowdy college dorm-party appetizer (?) — these gelatinous cocktails are a surefire way to bring the kumbaya to any family get-together. Easy to customize and whip up, you can surprise your brood with a tray of pumpkin spice latte shots. Or get the whole gang involved in crafting some jiggly (and boozy) apple pie slices.
Yes, these recipes and more exist. So click on for some Turkey Day-survival inspiration — and maybe even give a little thanks while you're at it.