19 Surprisingly Festive Jell-O Shots To Get You Through The Holidays

Photo: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.
Maybe you live for the holidays. Maybe you hate them with a fiery, burning passion that refuses to share in the seasonal spirit. Or, maybe you just fall somewhere in the "eh" shoulder-shrugging neutral zone. Whatever your feelings may be on this time of year, we've got a little something up our sleeves that we hope can bring about some unity (or at the very least, survival). Hear us out on this genius holiday cure-all: Jell-O shots.

Part 1950s delicacy, part rowdy college dorm-party appetizer(?) — these gelatinous cocktails are a surefire way to bring the kumbaya to any family gathering. Easy to customize and whip up, you can surprise your brood with a tray of peppermint schnapps candy-cane shots. Or get the whole gang involved in crafting some jiggly gingerbread people.

Yes, these recipes and more exist. So click on for some holiday-survival inspiration — and maybe even spread a little cheer while you're at it.