These Dog Mannequin Challenges Are Infinitely Superior To Humans Ones

Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock.
Somewhere in between the genesis of an internet trend and the point at which it becomes overkill lies the sweet-spot of viral awesomeness. The Mannequin Challenge took off this month, driving groups of humans large and small (the groups, and the humans), famous and non, to pose in absolute stillness for a short video. They were impressive at first, and then people tried to top each other with constructing increasingly ambitious scenes. (We're looking at you, Kris Jenner and Blac Chyna.) But then it got old. Enter: The Dog Mannequin Challenge.
I think we can all agree that dogs are better then humans in many ways. They're happier, friendlier, fluffier, sweeter, and cuter. And it turns out, pups are surprisingly good at the Mannequin Challenge. We've combed YouTube for the best canine challenges, from the hilarious to the truly amazing; from boxers to terriers. Seriously, the army should probably consider drafting some bomb-sniffing combat dogs from this group. Please enjoy.
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This Boxer is far and away the greatest mannequin-dog of all time.
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This French bulldog plus Cheetos equals Greatness
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This one's a true group effort.
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Did the vet give this patient a little something special?
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Those earnest eyes — this doggie really wants to impress you.
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One dog, dozens of perfect poses.
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Don't mind Penny, she's just catching up on the style section.
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How the hell did they get this dog to stay in this contorted position?!
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Gotcha! Yep, this one's a Cat Mannequin Challenge. And it's goddamn amazing.