The Meaning Behind Dream Renee Kardashian's Name

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If you've been able to peel your eyes away from the droves of election-related news, then you probably know that the latest addition to the Kardashian family has finally arrived. Early on November 10, Blac Chyna gave birth to her daughter with Rob Kardashian. They named her Dream Renee Kardashian.

Dream is exactly the beacon of light that we need right now. A reminder that life goes on despite the craziness of politics. A reality check from reality stars. A distraction from the most distracting family of all time. So, we thank you, Chyna, for the dreamy diversion. We've been with the couple every step of the way during her pregnancy, thanks to social media, and now we're ready to celebrate the baby with them, too.

But first — why Dream Renee? The Renee part is easy, as that is Chyna's middle name (her real first name is Angela). As far as the first name, that's more of a mystery. Early in her pregnancy, Chyna promised that her daughter would absolutely not have a named that starts with the letter "K" (much to Kris Jenner's chagrin, I'm sure) and that she and Rob chose the name together.

So, together, we're going to see if we can surmise the real inspiration behind the unique name. Here goes.
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It's Inspired By "A Dream Within A Dream," By Edgar Allen Poe
Maybe Chyna is a poetry enthusiast, and often reads Poe in her free time. Life surely feels like it's a dream within a dream, and maybe her daughter Dream is just the next layer to her dreamy life as a reality star and businesswoman.
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Chyna's Dream
Chyna is living her dream life, and her daughter is the living embodiment of that.
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Chyna Didn't Want Name Competition
Chyna obviously wanted a name that no other notable person has, which narrows down the options quite a bit. It will be interesting to see how the popularity of the name changes throughout the years, as it has remained consistently stagnant for the past century.
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It Goes Well With King Cairo
Both Chyna's children have one-syllable first names an two-syllable middle names. Plus, Dream and King (pictured here as a baby) phonetically sound similar. They both roll off the tongue. It's pretty typical for mothers to make sure their kids' names go well together for when they're calling for them. I can already hear it now: "Dream, King — time for dinner!"
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It's A Reference To "Dream On" By Aerosmith
Rob seems like a rock 'n' roll kind of guy, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was driving around one day when he heard this song and the lightbulb went on. Dream on is right.
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