The Best Theories On Who Taylor Swift Voted For

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Today, Taylor Swift addressed the tendentious 2016 election for the first time. The singer has been shockingly silent throughout this historic election, but she finally posted a photo of herself in line to vote. Some viewed her involvement in the election as overdue, while others appreciated her keeping her political thoughts to herself. But the overall reaction to seeing Swift in line to cast her ballot is: "Who did she vote for?!"

We may never know. And frankly, it's none of our business. We love to see what celebrities stances are on political issues because they are possibly the most influential to the youth as any of the politicians on the ballots, which is why we are so invested in their opinions. At the end of the day, who Swift voted for is her own business.

Swift's secrecy about what candidate she supports goes back to even the first election she voted in. When asked about who she was voting for in 2012 election, Swift told NPR, "I know who I'm going to vote for, but I don't think that it's important for me to say it, because it will influence people one way or another," which is a very fair response. But that doesn't mean that people won't come to conclusions of their own.

Here are the best theories about who the 26-year-old and Forbes' highest-paid female performer of 2016 voted for in this landmark election.
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Theory #1: Her friends voted for Hillary, so obviously she did, too.
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Theory #2: Swift wants to make America Great Again. Contributing to this theory is a fake meme of Swift wearing one of Trump's campaign slogan hats was one of the more viral election memes this year.
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Theory #3: She isn't voting for Hillary because she hates Katy Perry THAT much.
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Theory #4: She is just straight-up voting for Trump. After all, she never has spoken out against his misogynistic tirades.
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Theory #5: She's been telling us that she is a proud Republican subliminally through her album title, Red, which was released four years ago, two weeks before the last election.
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Theory #6: She won't say #I'mWithHer until Hillary wins because Swift is a feminist and will want to be involved in this major feminist accomplishment.
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Theory #7: Swift isn't announcing who she voted for, because she voted for herself, duh.
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Theory #8: She subtly indicated that she voted for Hillary because of her shoulderless turtleneck, which both Hillary and (friend of Swift, supporter of Hillary) Lena Dunham have rocked in the past.
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Theory #9: Swift saw what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they spoke out about George W. Bush and decided she should keep mum on the topic.
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Theory #11: Swift is keeping her political views to herself, something that many of her fans find refreshing in the grand scheme of things.
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Whatever the reason, it's great to see that she went out and voted.