Your Horoscope This Week — Nov 06 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Could it really be? The nail-biting, nerve-frazzling, neverending story of the 2016 election is finally drawing to a culmination. And to paraphrase Michelle Obama, this one has shaken us to our core. But we are taking heart in the stars on November 8. The Sun and messenger Mercury are in Scorpio — Hillary Clinton's star sign — on Election Day, lending an assist.

Also, on Tuesday, motivator Mars changes signs, moving from patriarchal Capricorn into progressive Aquarius until December 19. This could be the cosmic clarion call for social justice; the long-awaited shattering of the White House's very real glass ceiling! Aquarius rules the higher mind; the "third eye chakra," in the world of woo. Don't underestimate the Law of Attraction which instructs us to picture ourselves surrounded by the outcome we wish to create. Instead of gnawing our manicures to the quick, we'll be spending the early part of this week envisioning a certain pant-suited, Yale-educated, D.C. veteran kicking back in the Oval Office after she is sworn in as Madame President. Won't you join our collective consciousness in this visualization? And of course, get out and VOTE!

Two more planets switch signs later this week. On Friday, romantic Venus heads into cautious Capricorn until December 7 helping us think with the right head before hopping into bed. Capricorn is the sign of future goals so pull out that "What I Want in a Mate" checklist and make sure the object of your affections ticks enough of your boxes. This is a fine time to talk #CoupleGoals, and get aligned on your shared future.

On Saturday, messenger Mercury sails into outspoken Sagittarius until December 2. There could be some heated discussions about the outcome of The Most Insane Election in U.S. History in the weeks that follow — or maybe a mass exodus to Canada or Mexico (Sagittarius rules global travel). It's gonna be tough to keep politics off limits at Thanksgiving this year. If you're a die-hard Sandernista maybe you should skip that turkey fest with your alt-right relatives and go protest alongside the First Americans at Standing Rock instead.

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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
October 23 to November 21
Next stop: Hibernation Station? Sure, Scorpio, but don't even think about a long winter's nap once you get there. This Tuesday, energizer Mars slips into your domestic zone until December 19, heating up the family-friendly vibes and arousing excitement under your roof. Chateau Scorpio will be abuzz with action, but don't overbook your hosting calendar. If you don't have ample time to putter about and work on your personal projects, you could get kinda Grinch-y with the ones you love. Feathering your nest could become an obsession. Make a project plan before you start buying paint or offering to prepare a blended family Thanksgiving feast for you and your S.O.'s relatives. Eager Mars makes it easy to bite off more than you can chew so just know what you're getting yourself into before you start.

On Friday your flirty nature is back full force when Venus heads into Capricorn until December 7. Start a fire on Tinder, unleash your powers of seduction IRL. But if you're single, wait a month before you commit to any one person. Playing the field is far too fun with Venus here. Coupled Scorpios, don't O.D. on the Netflix and chill. Mix it up with some cultural activities dates and nights on the town — you can always Uber back and forth so you don't freeze.

Money management is also in the stars as messenger Mercury wings into your budget-friendly second house until December 2. Although it's gifting season, you can splurge strategically, living leaner and curating your purchases with more care. It’s easy to get swept up in excess — especially with all the holiday sales. Inventory your closet and make a list of what you actually need and you won’t fall prey to pricey “window shopping.” You might even save up for an investment piece for your own holiday gift — a better bet that blowing your budget on stocking stuffers.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
November 22 to December 21
Count your pennies, Sagittarius. With Mars in your money house on Monday and Tuesday you’re in a good headspace for balancing your budget and making smart decisions about holiday gift purchases. After that? Not quite so much. Impulsive Mars moves on to your curious third house until December 19 making you a sucker for any shiny thing dangled in front of you. You might have to peg an "accountability buddy" to keep you on track with your financial responsibilities — especially during Black Friday! A little discipline goes a long way. Fortunately, on Saturday, Venus picks up the wheel, heading into your sensible second house until December 7. If you're going to splurge (and who can stop you, really?) make sure you're flowing funds towards objects of value. Choose quality over quantity and before you go shopping, put aside a percentage of your paycheck in your savings, which could add up to $1,000 before the year is through if you follow this advice.

Back to Mars again, this flirty cycle can make you a dating app darling so swipe away. Mingle IRL too because your witty ways will easily woo people you meet casually and socially. Venus' influence will be stabilizing, which is a nice complement. Look for someone who is both exciting and reliable and you'll have the total package. Coupled Archers will be more playful again, thanks to Mars. Lift your nose from the grindstone and enjoy some seasonal activities with your S.O. — and let culture vulture Venus lead you to some amazing shows, performances and exhibitions.

On Saturday, expressive Mercury zips through your sign until December 2 making a silver-tongued devil out of you. Tell them how you really feel — as if anyone has to twist your arm, Archer. Use those powers of persuasion to forward one of your personal ambitions. With Mercury here you’ll have the gift of gab. A writing project could take flight or you might record a podcast before December 2.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
December 22 to January 19
Goals, goals, goals! You’ve been making major moves since Mars swept into your sign this past September 27. You have three more days to harness the red planet’s power and really go big with your personal ambitions! Take a risk before Tuesday; make your biggest ask yet. On the 8, Mars heads into your money house for five weeks helping you wrap up 2016 on a prosperous note. Position yourself for a raise or promotion by showing your diligence and loyalty now. Every detail counts. Work stress can intensify now, however, so streamline your plan of action. You may need to reserve a few missions for 2017 so you can successfully complete more pressing matters in the next six weeks.

On Friday, Cupid takes a red-eye to the Capricorn landing zone so welcome him with open arms. Until December 7, Venus, the planet of love and radiance, will sail through your sign, making you magnetic and irresistible. No settling allowed, Capricorn! With Venus here, you can afford to be extra selective. But don't expect anyone to read your mind. This emboldened astrological cycle gives you the courage to ask directly for what you desire and need.

Summon the unicorns on Saturday. Your practical nature goes on hiatus as messenger Mercury cruises through your 12th house of fantasy until December 2. Let go of the need to make sense of everything and give your wilder imagination some airtime. Getting in tune with the muse requires being still and quieting your mind. Try journaling, meditating or listening to music to get into that artsy flow. Have you been holding a grudge against a loved one? There’s no guarantee how long anyone has on this planet. If the offense wasn’t a deal-breaker, extend the olive branch. It’s time to let bygones be bygones — and hug it out for the holidays.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
January 20 to February 18
The urge to purge reaches a fever pitch this week as Mars rounds out a six-week tour of your 12th house of completions. Why, exactly, are you hanging to so much stuff, Aquarius? Free yourself of excess and get ready to travel light. With Mars moving into Aquarius from Tuesday until December 19, you’ll be off to the races with your personal passions, projects and professional goals. Mars only stops by your sign every two years so make the most of this momentum-boosting cycle! You’ll feel vital, robust and downright frisky now too. For business or pleasure, pick partners who can keep up with your wild and energetic pace.

On Friday, Mars' copilot Venus will slip into your fantasy-fueled 12th house until December 7. Let your imagination take the wheel because things could get mighty heavenly behind closed doors. If you're ready to break away from an unfulfilling love situation, Venus helps you make a graceful exit. Be careful not to rock the rose-colored glasses when it comes to complicated affairs. If someone is only "kind of single" (and if you're in that position yourself), taking the bait could make your life terribly messy, Aquarius. Best practice: Take the high road in love!

Your popularity is bound for the heavens from Saturday until December 2 as social Mercury merges into your electrifying 11th house. Seek out the artist, activists and generally open-minded people in your sphere — you'll love hanging out with people who live by their own rules. This is also a stellar time to spruce up your online presence. Enlist a photographer (or a friend with above-average ‘gramming skills) to do a shoot. Refine your posts too. If you’ve been a little too mysterious (or fully MIA), give people those updates they’ve been longing for.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
February 19 to March 20
Is the more REALLY the merrier? With Mars in your social networking zone since September 27, your friend list may be heading towards max capacity. On Tuesday, the red-planet slips into your dreamy, solitary 12th house until December 19, so take a breather, Pisces. Let someone else have that #lifeoftheparty status. You’ll need more unscheduled relaxation time now. Do lots of yoga and welcome the muse. Mars in your 12th house will give you lots of creative energy and you could turn out a masterpiece before 2016 is through. Once you're rested, Kondo the s*** out of your closets. The urge to purse will overtake you and you're ready to let go of all that stuff that just doesn't suit you anymore.

On Friday Venus swoops into your social 11th house until December 7, saving you from becoming a total shut-in. While you need more "me time," you can't completely disappear from the party scene. Just socialize more selectively and opt for group hangs. You could wind up playing Superconnector for a your favorite, fabulous friends. Online dating could bring a promising prospect; you could also meet Mr. or Ms. Wonderful through the introduction of friends.

And don't sleep on your career goals! From Saturday until December 2 chatty Mercury cruises through your career zone. Surround yourself with the movers and shakers; the industry insiders and influencers. As the expression goes, your network is your net worth. Having friends in high places can definitely light the way to your own growth. Get the power lunches scheduled too. You could be sealing those deals before 2016 is through. Men will be the star players of this Mercury cycle, so jump on the chance to bond with your boys.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
March 21 to April 19
Keep your nose to the grindstone and your eyes on the prize. With your ruler Mars rounding out a six-week tour of your career zone this Tuesday night, you could put the final flourish on an impressive project. Every moment is a networking opportunity on Monday and Tuesday (yes, even while waiting in line at the polls). And if you socialize strategically, you could truly wow an influencer — and even convince this person to take you under their wing. Mars moves on to Aquarius and your collaboration zone from Tuesday until December 19. You'll win 2016 by turning one of your important solo missions into a team effort. Don't worry, Aries, you don't have to cede total control. Just delegate the duties that you actually don't love doing, even if that means sharing the glory and the profits. Socially, your popularity will swell during this Mars cycle, both online and in real time. But Mars can be rash to don't go tweeting, Trump style, or you could burn a few bridges with your rants.

Are your #LoveGoals in alignment with your life goals? From Friday until December 7 amorous Venus camps out in Capricorn, sharpening your focus on the future. Swipe selectively and if you're dating someone, don't be shy about discussing "what's next for us" over dinner. This is a power couple phase, Aries, and you could attract people of prestige or even team up with your romantic partner on a successful business venture.

On Saturday, social Mercury heads into Sagittarius and your ninth house of travel and freedom until December 2. A change of scenery helps you decompress from the stress of election season. Make plans to visit friends in another city — maybe the best plan for Thanksgiving too, if you're worried about family feuds around the table! The truth serum will be flowing liberally with Mercury here, and you cannot tell a lie. Temper your words with tact so your message doesn’t get lost in translation.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
April 20 to May 20
Play hooky on Monday if you can, Taurus. This might be your last chance to cut loose for a while because on Tuesday, make-it-happen Mars zooms into Aquarius and your career-obsessed 10th house until December 19. While everyone else is tipping back brandied eggnogs, you’ll be burning the midnight oil. Don't miss every seasonal fete, but do stay focused. Streamline your goalsheet and concentrate on one or two big wins you want to celebrate by the end of 2016. Masculine Mars (in your male-oriented 10th house) could bring a huge assist from a guy in your circle. Play like a man, win like a woman Taurus.

On Friday, it's time to diversify your love portfolio. Amorous Venus cruises into your multi-culti ninth house until December 7, expanding your palette. You never know who you might meet while having drinks at a chic hotel bar or taking tango lessons at an Argentinian nightclub. Traveling could also rouse Cupid from his slumber so plan your Thanksgiving getaway with romance in mind. The next few weeks are an ideal time for a weekend trip with your S.O.

On Saturday, messenger Mercury slinks into your seductive and powerful eighth house until December 2. The universe is prepared to fulfill your wishes, so be clear about what you want — even if that means cutting things off with that "almost, but not quite" person you've been dating. Feelings run ultra deep for the next few weeks — and you could get more attached in love than you ever expected. The green-eyed monster could also pop by. Keep jealousy in check and get the facts before you fling accusations! Overreacting is likely over the next three weeks.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
May 21 to June 20
With lusty Mars rounding out a tour of your erotic eighth house, you’ve been one intense Gemini since September 27. Maybe you’ve been fixating on a secret crush (so much so that you've been celibate!) or needing a little more attention than your sweetie’s been able to provide. The trouble is, Mars hasn’t exactly made it easy for you to express your desires. Good news! On Thursday the red planet moves on to Aquarius and your outspoken, let-your-hair-down ninth house. Enough with the brooding, private fantasies and waiting in the wings! Your wild, optimistic nature is back in the saddle until December 19. Up, up, up goes that sex number? Mmm-hmmm. You could add some notches to the old bedpost or unleash a spicy new chapter with your sweetie before 2016 is through.

But no worries about losing all of that mojo. From Friday until December, amorous Venus moves into your erotic eighth house until December 7 blessing you with strong bedroom game. Things could get intense behind closed doors! Just make sure everyone's clear about the status of the relationship. You don't want to confuse a wild fling for the real thing.

On Saturday, messenger Mercury heads for your partnership zone until December 2 bringing more incentive to compromise, cooperate and collaborate. There are few things you love more than joining forces with other people. Take the initiative to get those dynamic duos in motion, both romantically and platonically. Cupid is definitely in your corner with Mercury here, blessing you with flirting skills par excellence. Talking through the problems in an existing relationship will be a breeze with Mercury here. Stop preaching and ask questions instead. Your S.O.'s answers may surprise you — and pleasantly!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
June 21 to July 22
Feeling the urge to merge? From Tuesday until December 19, lusty Mars will be pulsing through your intimate and erotic eighth house. An all-consuming attraction could evolve into a real deal thing. Turn up the heat and see if your feelings are reciprocated. For the next five weeks, you can’t get close enough to the one you adore. Escape into that “just the two of us” bubble — but remember to come up for air when, say, it’s time to, say, join the fam for Thanksgiving. Some Crabs could prefer a mystery, pulling back into some sexy cat and mouse games. Hey, whatever turns you on. Just be careful not to fall for the unreachable type.

Thankfully, Venus can prevent you from getting caught up in an unrequited obsession. From Friday until December 7, she will cruise through Capricorn and your even-keeled partnership house. A casual dating situation could become more of a committed relationship. Whether for business or pleasure, sync up with a complementary force instead of a clone. Although you may be as different as night and day, the magic comes from your ability to pick up where the other leaves off.

On Saturday, grab the labelmaker, glue gun, need and thread as clever Mercury moves into your sartorial sixth house until December 2. The DIY doyenne in you is at the wheel and you might even start making holiday gifts by hand. Not the crafty type? Peruse the makers' blogs and artisan markets for your holiday haul. Opt for labels like sustainable, locally grown, organic and cruelty-free. This Mercury phase gets you back on the healthy living wagon too. Download apps to help you organize meals and track fitness. Structure paves the way for success.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
July 23 to August 22
It's been a busy and buzzy fall for Leos even since Mars moved into your work and wellness zone on September 27. And while no one juggles better than a lioness, you could certainly use an extra pair of hands. Good news! On Tuesday, the red planet sails into your seventh house of partnerships until December 19, helping you cast for collaborators. Remember that opposites attract when making your selection. You don’t need a doppelganger; you need a complementary force. Romantic relationships heat up under this Mars spell — and could even combust into lovers' quarrels if you've been sweeping issues under the rug. Mars brings the courage to confront any differences and the stamina you need to stay in there and find a loving compromise. Just try to keep your temper in check!

On Friday, Venus moves into your healthy living sector until December 7 reminding you to keep on swigging the green juice along with those gingerbread lattes and dirty martinis. Switch up your workouts so that they are as pleasurable (and social!) as they are challenging. Venus governs love so keep those Beats at a respectable volume when you’re at the gym. The hottie on the adjacent elliptical machine could be the person you'll be kissing on NYE.

From Saturday until December 2, messenger Mercury swings through Sagittarius and your fifth house of fame, flamboyant self-expression, and shameless PDA. Take the initiative in affairs of the heart. Brush aside worries of being “too much” or “pressuring” anyone and just go for it. The right person for you will appreciate your unabashed interest. Learn how to strategically promote yourself too. There's a middle ground between humble-bragging and narcissism. It's easy, Leo: Just focus on how your talents will benefit other people and the applause will come naturally.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
August 23 to September 22
In the words of Coco Chanel, "Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise it is not luxury.” As red-hot Mars moves from your glamorous fifth house into your pragmatic sixth this Tuesday, your tolerance for wobbling around on high heels and freezing in thin silks will hit max capacity. Until December 19, you may be more of a yoga pants and puffer coat gal, in fact, since this energizing Mars cycle strengthens your fitness game. Prioritize your Pilates classes as much as the can't-miss parties. Romantically, you'll also need more substance than style. Give the "plainclothesmen" a chance to show you what's under their Uniqlo staples. Attached? It's time to deal with the relationship basics: coordinating schedules, dividing up household duties, figuring out who pays for what. Leaving these things up to chance will strain your closest ties.

But fear not, Virgo, there will still be plenty of dress-up dates in your fall forecast. Glamorous, amorous Venus heads into Capricorn and your dazzling fifth house from Friday until December 7. This could spark a legit romantic renaissance! In between sun salutations slip into that metallic dress and rock the night away. Your dance card WILL be full but leave time in your schedule for the muse because this creatively charged Venus cycle will bring some divine downloads. It's the perfect time to get that wrist tattoo or constellation piercing if you feel like giving your style some edge.

On Saturday, check your EQ, Virgo — your emotional intelligence, that is. Until December 2, Mercury swirls through your sensitive, soulful fourth house, making you feelings-focused. Swaddle yourself in support from family, girlfriends, even a therapist or coach. It’s time to respect the wisdom that comes not just from your mind, but from your heart as well. Let both "voices" have an equal vote.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
September 23 to October 22
Kick off the UGGs and shimmy into the Ungaro. From Tuesday until December 19, sultry, sexed-up Mars moves into your festive and flamboyant fifth house, making you the belle of the holiday season ball. Romantically, this Mars phase is a hotspot and you're ready to take some serious style dares —posting them all on Instagram, naturally. As you swiftly U-turn from fleecy to fancy, don’t underestimate your own strength. You could overwhelm people with all that mojo so give them a chance to warm up to you! This starpowered Mars phase brings out the performer in you. Get thee to an audition, book gigs for your band, or film clips for your own YouTube channel.

Do keep the home fires burning! On Friday, your cosmic ruler Venus decamps to your domestic sector until December 7. Cuddling and playing house will be just as romantic as those red-carpet dates for the next few weeks. Spend time feathering your nest too. You might be the first on in your building to put up lights or decorations. But hey, that also gives you an excuse to start entertaining — especially this weekend as Mercury wings into your garrulous third house, blessing you with #lifeoftheparty status until December 2. Variety is the spice of your social life for the next few weeks. Mingle with new people; dabble in different classes and activities. No need to wander too far from home base though. The local scene is where you’ll discover the gems now — or find a new studio, bar, cafe or hangout spot that is so you.