Eyebrow-Grooming Videos Are The New Pimple-Popping

In the world of beauty, there's a fine line between engrossing and just gross. In fact, let's revise that: The line doesn't exist. The more gross the process, the more we want to watch. Popping a pimple? We're riveted. Getting your septum pierced? We'll clear our calendars. The latest kind-of-icky-but-mostly-mesmerizing videos that have us transfixed are of eyebrow grooming.

Elvis Alvarez, a professional barber in Massachusetts, posts videos of his clients having their eyebrows shaved — and we can't look away. Alvarez takes a straight razor and flicks away any stray eyebrow hairs, leaving behind a tidy arch.

Alvarez's entire Instagram is stacked with videos that we kind of don't want to watch — but also sort of do. Watch him wax nose hairs, peel off a sinister-looking black face mask, and give a particularly clean shave. In one gross (delightful?) video, you can even watch a specialist remove an ingrown hair.

Alvarez has yet to respond to a request for comment on his videos. Check out a few below — and don't forget popcorn.