15 Haunted Houses You Can Rent This Halloween — If You Dare

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Are ghosts real? For many of us, that question is best left unanswered. After all, what you don't know can't hurt you, right? Right?

But for those brave enough to find out, there's no better time than October to embark on a hunt for ghoulish ghosts and spooky spirits. And while you can always book a walking tour or read about haunted places, nothing beats actually sleeping in a haunted house for yourself.

Just in time for Halloween, we've rounded up 15 supposedly haunted properties that you can rent for your next weekend getaway. We can't guarantee you'll have a paranormal experience — but we can't guarantee you won't, either.
Your house of horrors awaits, ahead. Good luck — and sleep at your own risk!
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The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston, Great Dunmow, England
Local lore has it that a child used to live in this bedroom and complained of noises at night. After his death, afraid of the haunting, his parents sealed the door and never opened it again. The modern owners have decorated the room to give it the eerie appearance that the long-dead child is still occupying it (and might just drop by for a visit).

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While the antique children's toys might send chills up your spine, there's at least one perk to staying in the haunted bedroom: renters will get the entire house and gardens to themselves during their stay. Other non-haunted bedrooms in the house are also available for rent, but don't guarantee you'll get full run of the place.
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Haunted Castle House, Brumley, MO
With the honor of being one of the most haunted houses in the Midwest, this Victorian house has been a lot of things in its 169-year history, including a hospital and a funeral home. Maybe that explains the reports of paranormal activity. Oh, and if that's not spooky enough, there's a graveyard in the back.

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The house sleeps up to eight guests and the hosts note that they're happy to share some of the house's haunted history with you. They also note that they don't provide refunds to those who aren't brave enough to stay the whole night.
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The Haunted Bedroom In The Parks-Bowman Mansion, New Orleans, LA
Located in New Orleans' historic Garden District, this old mansion actually has three rooms available for rent, but only one with an alleged ghost. Visitors have reported seeing a young girl from the 1890s (Awfully specific, no?) floating through the bedroom in a yellow dress.

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The ghost is reportedly shy, so you won't have to share the mini fridge or private bathroom with her. The host's living companions, two dogs and two cats, might be easier to spot during your stay.
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Painswick Chateau, Painswick, England
This stunning rental won't come cheap, but it may be your best chance to run into a royal ghost. Legend has it that Charles I, who stayed here in 1643, haunts the grounds. It also sleeps up to 26, so this might be the perfect destination if you have a gang of ghost-hunting friends.

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Uneasy spirits or not, the house has been updated with every conceivable modern comfort (including a Jacuzzi), while still maintaining a historic vibe. Since it's typically used as a bed and breakfast, if you rent the entire property, you'll also have a private bar and restaurant at your disposal.
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Laura's Cottage, Savannah, GA
Built in 1799, this rustic cabin has seen its fair share of American history — you may even see local ghost tours stopping by to learn about it. The house is allegedly still occupied by Laura, a woman who lived there for 50 years. In life, Laura was known for her beautiful flower garden. Maybe not surprisingly, most reports of Laura in death are of encountering a friendly spirit.

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Even if you don't believe in spirits (friendly or otherwise), the cottage still has a lot to offer. In addition to plenty of modern amenities and historic charm, it was also featured in the 2010 film The Conspirator, starring Alexis Bledel and James McAvoy.
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The Galloway House, Savannah, GA
There's ample opportunity to share your stay with a ghost in Savannah. The Galloway House is nestled among a number of the area's notable Victorian houses, but this one hides a dark secret. The original owner, a lawyer who committed suicide, is said to still be around.

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If you can brave a stay, you'll be treated to some major Southern hospitality. The house now operates as a bed and breakfast, so you can enjoy complimentary bagels on the front porch. It's also dog-friendly, in case Fido also has a hankering for the paranormal.
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The Haunted Chamber Apartment, York, England
This charming 600-year-old apartment is hiding a ghoulish secret: a madness chamber. Guests report that though the apartment is in the thick of York, you have lots of privacy from the street, meaning no one will be able to hear you scream.

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If you can get over the madness chamber, the antique wood panelling and period touches (like this four-poster bed), will charm you — at least while it's still light out.
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The Texas White House, Fort Worth, TX
The Texas White House is supposedly home to a ghost. Purported to be the husband of the only family to live here before it was converted into a bed and breakfast, several guests have reported sightings.

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The spirit is said to favor his former bedroom, now known as the Lone Star suite. Women who stay alone in the room have said they have felt someone laying in the bed with them — how creepy is that?
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Castle Chateau Pitau, Vidnoye, Russia
How's this for punctual? The owner of this castle outside Moscow reports that there's a ghost that appears weekly at midnight. In addition to a paranormal occupant, the castle also boats a disco, sauna, and two swimming pools.

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Rooms in the castle vary from monochromatic (there's an all-blue bathroom and all-pink bedroom) to common spaces with a Moroccan flair. Even if you don't overlap with the ghost's timed appearance, you'll certainly have a one-of-a-kind stay.
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Terlingua GhostTown Ruin, Terlingua, TX
If a ghost is too scary for you, why not try a ghost town, instead? A miner built it by hand over 100 years ago, but this house has now been lovingly updated. You'll be able to explore the rest of the ghost town by foot at your leisure, including an old jail and graveyard.

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While the house is still relatively rustic (no Wi-Fi!), you'll get amazing views of stars at night in relative solitude. A nearby national park is perfect for hiking, biking, and rafting.
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Historic Civil War Farm House, Gettysburg, PA
Used as a field hospital after the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, it's no surprise this house's occupants reportedly include the undead.

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The owner claims there are many spirits in the house that she's become acquainted with over the years. She's happy to share stories with brave guests. Another perk? She also owns her own fitness center and provides guests with day passes. Now that's a full-service stay.
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Haunted Witch House In The Mountains, Crestline, CA
This house was only built in 1957 — but don't let its relative newness fool you. The owner says someone died in the house 30 years ago and their restless spirit still occupies the space. She also goes all-out with Halloween decor, so October is the perfect time to visit if you're looking for a scare.

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The house sleeps eight and you'll get the whole place to yourself. Fitting it's haunted reputation, you'll find it decked out with crystals, tarot cards, candles, and skulls.
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Blue Moon Cottage, Jerome, AZ
Not sure how ready you are to sleep with ghosts? This cozy cottage might be the perfect way to dip your toes in the water. The former occupant, now deceased, is said to be lurking around. The only caveat: the spirit only makes her presence known if you move her favorite chair.

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Not-so-friendly ghosts may also be nearby, however. Jerome is a former mining town and the cottage overlooks a cemetery from the area's boom days. Many of those buried there perished during an influenza outbreak in the 1800s.
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Shamrock House, Sunset, SC
The owners of the Shamrock house, part of a family compound from the 1920s, can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a ghost. But guests have told stories of paranormal experiences, like seeing a woman walk up the stairs. Another guest claims to have heard the ghost's name, Nancy, whispered in her ear.

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A notable guest that the host can confirm has occupied the Shamrock House? Former President Lyndon Johnson, who reportedly enjoyed his time there. The nightly rate for the cabin includes a separate bunk house, which can sleep up to 21.
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The Manor, St Paul, MN
Voted "the most mysterious house in St. Paul," The Manor is clearly hiding all kinds of secrets. While the hosts don't report ever having seen ghosts themselves, they do rent their home out for rituals, as well as weddings and events. Who knows what uneasy spirits those occasions might have stirred up.

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While the decor is plenty eerie, guests do report that the resident Doberman, Scorch, is quite friendly — he'll surely alert you to anything truly supernatural, right?
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