This Mean Girls Reunion Is Blowing Our Minds

On Wednesdays we wear pink. On Thursdays we catch up with old co-stars.

Lindsay Lohan has finally given fans the Mean Girls reunion they've been waiting for: a FaceTime session with Aaron Samuels. Sadly, it didn't happen on October 3. Get with it, guys.

Lohan shared a screenshot of her catching up with Mean Girls co-star Jonathan Bennett, who played her love interest in the film. He probably just called to find out what day it was.

#nice #friends #j #Люблю #theworldisbiggerthan5 #facetime #iphone7 #stevenuniverseJOBS

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Lohan didn't let on what the conversation entailed, but she did throw in some Mathletes-approved hashtags. We'll just have to fantasize about Cady and Aaron making plans to carpool with Regina George to the high school reunion or something. Oh, the memories.