Who Died On How To Get Away With Murder?

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This article contains spoilers about the winter finale of How To Get Away With Murder.

We're well into season 3 of How To Get Away With Murder. And tonight, we finally saw who was under the sheet after the fire at Annalise's (Viola Davis) house.

From the episodes leading up to tonight's, we knew that the victim on the stretcher was an unidentified male, thanks to a news report. And thanks to a series of flash-forwards, we thought we knew that it wasn't one of the Keating Five, which would mean Connor (Jack Falahee), Asher (Matt McGorry), and Wes (Alfred Enoch) were safe. That made us believe Frank (Charlie Weber) and Nate (Billy Brown) wouldn't make it out alive. But it looks like How To Get Away With Murder tricked us all.

Before tonight's episode, the gruesome flash-forward scenes showed Annalise screaming and crying as she looked at the body pulled from her house. We didn't know just whose lifeless body she'd seen, but she was quite distressed by the reveal.

Click through to see who was on the stretcher, and why we thought the other characters had a chance at being lost to the fire before tonight's reveal. It will certainly be interesting to see where the show goes from here when it returns in January.
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Who was under the sheet?
We saw various clues about who doesn't survive the fire at Annalise's in the episodes leading up to the winter finale. The biggest clue was a flash-forward news report — the body pulled from the Keating residence was apparently that of an unidentified male.
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Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch)
That's right — Wes's was the body pulled from Annalise's house. Like so many others, we thought for sure that Wes, and the rest of the Keating Five, were safe. Through its flash-forward scenes, it looked like Wes wasn't at Annalise's house, because he was at the police station agreeing to help take her down in an investigation.

But it turns out, that timeline was hazy. Wes did agree to help the police, in exchange for immunity — but that was before the fire took place. Nate, who apparently emerged from the house unscathed, tells Annalise that Wes was dead before the fire happened — but we don't know how he died.

Over the course of three seasons, we saw Wes murder Annalise's husband, lose his girlfriend, and watch his father die before his eyes. The others called him a "puppy," but that doesn't mean he wasn't tough — he did shoot Annalise, after all. Hopefully, just because his character is gone doesn't mean we won't find out more details about his death when the show returns. —Meghan
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Who is still alive?
Here's a running list of the rest of the characters (who we know aren't dead). Now, they'll be forced to deal with the aftermath of the fire (and Annalise's arrest).
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Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber)
Frank is a vicious hit man masquerading as a nice local boy from Philadelphia who looks good in suits. He used to be Annalise's most reliable henchman. Until we found out that Frank is the reason Annalise lost her baby, the person who murdered Lila, and the one who put Wes in danger when he took him to meet his father moments before he was killed.

It seemed likely that Frank would be the one to die in the winter finale — he was the season's "bad guy." But it's too neat for the bad guy to die so easily. (And there are still plenty of other ways the show could off Frank down the road.) —Ally
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Nate Lahey (Billy Brown)
Nate and Annalise aren't together, at least not for now. In fact, he was recently seeing the new assistant district attorney, Rene Atwood (Milauna Jackson), although at the end of the winter finale, their relationship is up in the air.

Again, Nate was a real possibility as to who would die in the fire. Especially since we saw him walking into Annalise's house moments before it burst into flames. We don't know how the fire started — was it him? — but he managed to survive.

While it seemed likely for Nate to be killed off, it also wouldn't be a huge payoff for such a dramatic twist. Nate is doting and caring toward Annalise (or at least he used to be), but he's not a fan-favorite character, so there wouldn't have been a huge payoff for his death. Plus, Nate could still easily be dispatched in some other way — maybe a surprise encounter with Frank?— Ally
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Simon Drake (Behzad Dabu)
Simon's death would be a stretch considering the show's buildup, but it wasn't an impossible guess. It's fair to say that Annalise would be pretty worked up if any of her students died — even those who aren't in the Keating Five. Yes, Simon planted the "killer" posters of her around campus — but he's still one of her students.

Annalise values her job at Middleton above almost anything else, as we've seen from her interactions with the university's president. She plays tough, but if any of the students died because of something she did, Annalise wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.

It's not totally out of the question that another student would be at her house, either. We already know that the Keating Five aren't at the top of their class, so the clinic needs additional students like Simon, who recently served as first chair, working on cases at the home office. — Meghan
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Charles Mahoney (Wilson Bethel)
This was a long shot, but we considered the possibility that Charles made it to Philadelphia to confront Annalise and Frank, and was in the wrong burning house at the wrong time. We know Frank is trying to frame Mahoney for his father's murder (which Frank actually committed), though Charles appears to have an alibi.
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Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee)
For a while, it seemed like Connor might actually be the one to die. He had his shining moment in the second episode this season, when he delivered an impassioned speech against victim-blaming. His character has changed a lot since the show started — remember when he said he didn't "do boyfriends" ? — and he's a big enough character that fans would have genuinely been sad if he died.

And even though they're on the outs, Connor's death would break Oliver. Between all of the crazy schemes Connor and the rest of the Keating Five have put him through — including a lot of illegal requests — Oliver's been through enough. — Meghan
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Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry)
When we found out Asher was still alive, it wasn't shocking — but it wasn't the greatest relief, either. Is he anyone's favorite character?

Annalise and Asher also aren't particularly close, so we saw this one coming when she was distraught after the fire. If Annalise cried over Asher's death, it would have been because she knew it would hurt Bonnie, not because she was actually sad about his passing. — Meghan
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Oliver (Conrad Ricamora)
Oliver was the first person we found out was safe this season. In the flash-forward scenes, Annalise asks Oliver to wipe a phone clean. Whose phone is it? What's on it? We still don't know, but we know Oliver made it out of the fire unscathed. — Meghan
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Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil)
We knew Bonnie was safe even before the show revealed that the body belonged to a male character. Still, we're relieved to learn that she'll be sticking around.

With Frank gone, Annalise and Bonnie must now rely on each other more than in past seasons. The women have shared a lover (Annalise's now-dead husband, Sam) and more murder-related secrets than the girls on Pretty Little Liars.

With their bond stronger than ever, it would have made sense for Annalise to be distraught over Bonnie's death. She would have lost another one of her most trusted connections. — Ally
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Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza)
Laurel's father is up to no good and she spent a good portion of this season repeatedly calling Frank. But she does survive the fire, albeit in critical condition — and it turns out, she's pregnant. We're assuming the baby is Wes', since they recently reconnected after Laurel told Wes she wasn't in love with Frank. But this is HTGAWM, so anything could happen. — Meghan
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Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King)
Michaela's been through a lot — she's gone from being a brownnoser in the first season to being one of Annalise's most cutthroat students. We know she's safe, though, because she wasn't even at the Keating house at the time of the fire.

Plus, we know Michaela can be tough in the courtroom, and she needs more time to shine before being killed off. (We also want to see the antics that ensue from Connor living with her, even if it's only temporary.) — Meghan
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Meggy (Corbin Reid)
Wes may have broken her heart in a pretty cruel way, but Meggy is still around after the fire. Aside from the fact that we know the body belongs to a male, we've seen Meggy in the hospital after the fire, tending to a pregnant Laurel, who wants to know where Wes is. — Meghan
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Soraya Hargrove (Lauren Luna Velez)
At first, it didn't seem like Annalise and Soraya would ever get along — she tried to keep Annalise from teaching her legal clinic, after all. But now that the pair are attending the same AA meetings, it's possible the university president could become Annalise's sponsor. It's a relief to know she isn't a victim of the Keating house fire. — Meghan
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A.D.A. Rene Atwood (Milauna Jackson)
After Nate left Annalise, we saw him reigniting a former relationship with the new A.D.A., Rene Atwood. Now that Annalise is back at Middleton, there might be some more conflicts between she and Rene, especially since Annalise believes the D.A.'s office is investigating her.
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Eve Rothlow (Famke Janssen)
Eve reappeared this season, but it looks like she's out of Annalise's life for good. She's moved on and is in love with someone else — and Annalise is doing her best to be happy for her. — Meghan
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Ophelia Hartness (Cicely Tyson)
Annalise's mother didn't seem super-warm, but she was willing to do anything for her daughter (including sitting by while her attacker burned to death). Luckily, we now know that Annalise's mom wasn't planning a surprise visit at the time of the fire. — Molly
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