Kanye's Latest Rant Sheds Light On Yeezy Season 4 Fiasco

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
Kanye West finally spoke out about his controversial Yeezy Season 4 fashion show during New York Fashion Week, and — no surprise — it was in true Kanye fashion.

According to Time, while he playing a set at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party, West stopped to let the crowd know he had to be "selfish for a second."

"Today, I needed to hear these songs," West said. "I need to rehear the lyrics that I was saying, I had to overcome certain controversies."

West then admitted he was talking about his recent fashion show, which didn't go as planned. From a multiracial casting call to models passing out due to the heat to broken heels, it certainly didn't get the good reviews he had hoped for.

While West didn't say that explicitly, he did tell the crowd, "I tried to listen to all the reports and tried my best to stop trying."

Adding, “But I just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t stop. No matter what they write, I just couldn’t stop."

West said he felt like the Cleveland Cavaliers last year before the team won the NBA Finals for its city. "If you're the LeBron and you don't bring home that ring," he said. "It's your fault."

But West thanked everyone for going on this "journey" with him where he's "learning in front of you." He also thanked the fans for always listening to the music, no matter what.

Of course, that wasn't all that happened at West's show last night. Thanks to Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner's Snapchat, we all know the details.

Here is your chance to get a look at what went down at West's Fashion Week show from two people on the inside.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kylizzlemynizzl.
Jenner's Snapchat seemed to nail West's attitude last night.

There was no apologizing for the Yeezy Season 4 show, but there was an explanation with this one-finger salute during "Runaway."
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Photo: Courtesy of Kylizzlemynizzl.
Jenner and her sister, Kim, had a sing-along to West's "Famous," doing their best Rihanna impressions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, West kept quiet during the infamous line about Taylor Swift, letting the crowd do the singing for him.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kimkardashian.
Kardashian snapped a cute moment between CR Fashion Book editor Carine Roitfeld and West as they shared a dance to "All Of The Lights."

West certainly didn't dance around the fact that he appreciates Roitfeld's support. During his rant, he let the crowd know, Roitfeld "is a mother fucking icon, though. There’s only one Carine.”

According to Vanity Fair, West actually dropped the mic.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kimkardashian.
Post mic-drop, Kardashian took a selfie with Roitfeld and West, proving three ICONS is better than one.

Besides being an inspiration. West also said Roitfeld was a friend who just so happened to put this couple on the cover of the Icons Portfolio she collected for Harper's Bazaar.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kimkardashian.
Kardashian also had a cameo during West's show, snapping her hubby rapping "Good Life."

She even gave herself a shoutout, literally pointing her way when he raps, "Cause they got mo' ass than the models."