15 Conversations That Were So Bad We Had To Write About Them

Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
Your end-of-summer barbecue is winding down, and everyone seems well-fed and happy.

But as you're scraping the leftover potato salad into a Tupperware and grabbing one of the last beers from the watery cooler, a friend casually drops a little truth bomb in the form of a ludicrous political opinion.

Yep, so many of us have been there. Whether you're a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or one of those mythical unicorns known as undecided voters, we bet you've pushed your chair away from the table when a crazy distant (or not-so-distant) relative decided to bring up that hot-button issue.

And the political drama isn't limited to family. Maybe you didn't see that Bumble date's "Make America Great Again" hat as a turn-on last night. Or perhaps you're considering defriending your bestie over the constant invites to join her "It's Not Too Late To Elect Bernie Sanders" Facebook campaign.

Alas, there are still more than 60 days to go until Election Day, so the facepalm-worthy conversations aren't ending anytime soon. In the meantime, we've rounded up the most cringeworthy political conversations our staffers have had. Maybe yours won't be as bad?
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"A high school acquaintance was on Facebook talking about how Trump's proposal to ban Muslims is a reasonable response given today's climate. But he didn't realize he was writing on a good friend's page who is — wait for it — Muslim.

"The irritating part is that all three of us pretty much grew up together, so he should have known better than to write that crap, much less believe it. But to do it on her page, and then not answer her question about what she's supposed to do with herself, considering that she and her parents are American-born? Where is she supposed to deport herself to?

"Needless to say, she dropped him, and I ignored his friend request."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"When I first came out, my dad told me that the LGBT-rights movement was asking for 'special privileges' like the ability to get legally married and not be fired because of the gender of their partners.

"When I pointed out that straight people are afforded those exact rights, he changed his argument to: 'Well, it's just the WAY they ask, it's so pushy! They just take it too far.'

"As if we could just politely ask for political reform; as if it was the fault of LGBT people that we have been historically repressed for centuries."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"My immigrant aunt believes that Donald Trump raised a beautiful family, so he's a good candidate. Um..."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"On a five-day trek to Machu Picchu, there were a few middle-aged men from Indiana in my group. They seemed incongruous to me, among the young backpackers and gap-year takers, but they were there to do the hike the same as I was, so I tried not to be a hater. But once they got to talking about guns and belittling women — though many women were kicking their asses up and down the mountains — I started trying to keep my distance.

"Palm truly hit face when, at the foot of a glorious snowcapped mountain, where our guide — an indigenous man who'd grown up in the region and spent his life leading hikes there — said, 'When I was younger, you couldn't hike here because the snowcap reached this far down. It has been receding up the mountain because of global warming,' and the elder Indianan shouted, 'BULLSHIT.'

"My husband and I spent the duration of the hike assuring the rest of our group (Brits, a German, an Australian) that all Americans aren't like THOSE Americans; that many of us actually understand science and facts — and basic respect, for that matter."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"During the 2008 election, a really close family friend was convinced that Sarah Palin was the literal reincarnate of Esther (as in, the biblical character and Jewish queen who saved her people with courage and wits) and was going to save the American people.

"She was so passionate about it that she managed to talk my mom — a woman with no political interest whatsoever — into believing it, too."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"The most cringeworthy political conversation I've ever had was with my BROTHER! On Facebook, he jokingly (or so I thought...) commented on my status that he was supporting Trump. I immediately texted him, 'Are you serious, or joking? If you're serious, we cannot be related anymore. [insert tons of emojis]'

"My brother wrote back that he was 'undecided' in the election, at which point I went on a major text tirade about him even thinking about supporting Trump. All of his responses were creepily similar to Trump's ridiculous 'logic' about 'making America great again' by being stricter with immigration laws, public assistance, etc. Thankfully, my brother didn't bring up Trump's stance on women's rights — I think he knew better, but I threw my POV in there anyway during my argument.

"We both were raised in a very liberal, Democratic family, and we've always seen eye-to-eye during past elections. His newfound perspective boggles my mind, and honestly is quite scary. I'm hoping that my text rant has steered him back to reality...or at least scared him back into it."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"My friend recently tried to argue that 'leftist liberals' are hypocrites because we're celebrating Harriet Tubman being on the $20 bill, but she owned and operated a firearm. Actually, I can't even go into this again; I'm feeling too much rage."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"This is not so much a conversation, but I'm alarmed by how many times I've heard: 'But why do they have to call it 'marriage'? This seems to be the catchphrase for those people against marriage equality — who don't realize they're against marriage equality.

"I've mostly heard it from older, self-proclaimed liberals, but this query cuts across all demographics in my experience."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"My dad is an extremely, extremely far-right conservative. He actually has a political blog with over a million page views a month, and has amassed almost 6,000 followers on Twitter. His nickname for the Democratic nominee is Shrillary Rotten Clinton.

"He's a gun owner, is sick of Obama's supposed reign of terror, thinks the economy will collapse, and ISIS will destroy the country if a Democrat is elected again. He also thinks Trump is a liberal in sheep's (Republican's) clothing, and believes that, yes, a trans individual should use the restroom for the gender he or she was assigned at birth.

"Trust me, I debate him on a DAILY BASIS. It's funny. I'm extremely socially liberal, and he thinks it's because I live in the 'NYC bubble' (my family's from the Midwest)."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"One night, at the family dinner table, I called Glenn Beck a right-wing extremist. My father didn't appreciate it and because I couldn't cite specific examples of his extremism, he made me read and do a book report on Beck's book Broke over Christmas break.

"He wasn't going to let me go on a planned vacation with friends until I verbally delivered the book report."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"One time at a large family dinner, my extended family brought up how they are afraid to publicize their support for Trump because they're tired of being called racists. One aunt said: 'If I don't want to live near a bunch of Muslims, I should be able to say that without feeling bad.' I think I bit my tongue so hard I started to bleed.

"A few moments later, someone else commented that Trump was a nice man because they bought his hat and received a thank-you note from him. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was a copied signature that some campaign intern or random person mailed her."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"My grandpa STILL believes that Obama was not born in the U.S., and therefore should not be president."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"I once went on a date with a guy who told me he believed that America should become a monarchy. I just stared at him with my jaw dropped, and he went on to explain to me that he feels like that's the only way our government can be productive and that only good things would come from it."
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"On the phone earlier this spring, my father-in-law said to my husband: 'That lady...the one in the news running for president, you know, that one in the news. So is she going to win that primary this week?' My husband asked, 'You mean Hillary Clinton?'"
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Illustrated By: Paola Delucca.
"Over Thanksgiving last year, we decided to play charades as a family. Two of my extended family members kept using 'Benghazi' as their clue for Hillary Clinton, as well as 'Monica's ex-boyfriend's wife.' Never mind that she was secretary of state, first lady, and a senator from New York. Facepalm."