How To Easily (& Cheaply!) Create Your Own Snapchat Geofilter

Throwing a 30th birthday shindig, a bachelorette party, or a baby shower can feel like an impossible task. How will it be Instagrammable, feel special, and look different from what all of your friends have done before?

Snapchat has you covered — on the social-media front, at least. While the app has let users create community geofilters for various cities and on-demand options for your own events, the process of designing a filter (and then getting it approved) was a challenge if you weren't a Photoshop pro. But today, things just became much simpler.

New templates make it easier than ever to design a unique geofilter that feels fun, unique, and, thankfully, very cost-effective. It's the perfect alternative, or addition, to an event hashtag. Click through to see how you can make your own for your Labor Day party, Halloween, and any other upcoming events.
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Photo: Courtesy Snapchat.
First, go to on a desktop (don't use your phone for this task) and click "Want to create your own geofilter?" along the upper toolbar. Select the option to create your own "on-demand" filter and press "create now."

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Photo: Courtesy Snapchat.
On the following screen, you can upload a filter design that you've already created in Photoshop. Alternatively, you can pick the much easier option and create your filter online. We'd opt for the latter to save time and ensure that you're meeting the app's geofilter requirements.
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On the next screen, you can pick from three occasion options: Birthdays, Celebrations, and Weddings.
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Here's where it really gets creative. You can pick from various template options and, within those, add text, change fonts, and switch colors.
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On the next screen, you'll select the dates that you want the filter to go live. Keep in mind that the longer the filter is live, the more it will cost.
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Here, you'll choose the area where you want your filter to be active. Enter the location of your event, be it a backyard party or wedding venue, and set up your fence by dragging the dots on screen. Only those who are within the green area that your fence creates will be able to access and use your filter once it goes live. You can keep track of the price by looking at the top left-hand corner.
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Finally, give your filter a name and enter your payment info. It will take about one business day for the team at Snapchat to review your filter and ensure that it meets all the guidelines. After that, you'll receive a message letting you know that your filter is ready to decorate your snaps.