These Women Are Redefining The Cat Lady Stereotype


When you hear the words cat lady, what do you see? Well, from Hollywood stereotypes, you imagine are bitter, old women that have replaced personal relationships for one with a cat. They have offered up their lives to the spinsterhood and are perfectly fine with only having Tiger, Whiskers, Coco, and Shadow as dinner guests.

Unlike these off-putting — and fairly intense — descriptions, we spoke to a few modern-day cat ladies that are nothing like those tired stereotypes. They have embraced their power and adulthood by being a parent to a feline friend. In the photo series Girls and Their Cats, BriAnne Wills showcases the amazing bond between fashionable young women and their cat counterparts — highlighting each woman's personality and living style while being faced with their adorable pet. No spinsters to be seen here!

Watch as three women explain why it's just so darn good to love a cat!

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