These Palettes Are Spot-On Dupes For Kylie Jenner's Kyshadow

At this point, most seasoned beauty junkies know that when Kylie Jenner releases a product — any product — it’s sure to be gone in approximately 60 seconds. Cue yesterday’s debut of the reality star’s first-ever eyeshadow palette, named Kyshadow Kit The Bronze Palette, a nine-shade collection of copper-spiked matte neutrals: It sold out in one hot minute.

While Kylie and crew snapped off-the-charts excitement with a celebratory scream-fest, those of us who didn’t score the bronze, copper, and rich-brown pressed shadows were left fumbling for the sad-face filter.

The good news? Kylie promised via Snapchat that her company would re-up with new stock on Friday. However, if we’ve learned anything from previous releases, it’ll likely take cosmic timing, not a mere calendar reminder, to catch the second wave of action.

For those who can’t wait to play with these rich shadow shades, we offer consolation in the form of buy-it-now alternatives, which are nearly dead ringers for the real thing. Because, cosmic alliances be damned, nailing those signature Kylie eyes should only be an eyeshadow swipe away.