Kylie Jenner Makes Out With PARTYNEXTDOOR In Snapchat Music Video

If you have Snapchat (which you should, because you can get rich off it) and thumb over to it now, you might notice a new option on your Discover feed.

There's something weird happening. A music video featuring Kylie Jenner just premiered on the app. Let's talk about it.
via Snapchat.
Yep, right there on the left is a new tab featuring a brand-new music video from a rapper you may or may not know, Jahron Brathwaite, also known as PARTYNEXTDOOR. He previously dated the singer Kehlani, has been close friends with Drake for years, and was recently seen hanging with Jenner on Snapchat.
Well, the connection between Jenner and the rapper is officially confirmed with the new video on Snapchat for his song "Come and See Me."
via Snapchat.
The premise of the song seems to be that a fun-loving, yet romantic guy (PARTYNEXTDOOR) is out with his friends when a girl (Jenner) starts hitting him up to come over to her place. He's annoyed because he is busy, but then (SPOILER), he goes to her place anyway.

In the video, this is Jenner's home. What and where is this place? Who knows.
via Snapchat.
The song has been out since March of this year, but this video is essentially one big ad for Snapchat and for Jenner herself, as exhibited below.

Here's Jenner with her one of her dogs.
via Snapchat.
Here's a Kylie Lip Kit.
via Snapchat.
Here's Jenner checking her bestie Jordyn Wood's Snapchat.
via Snapchat.
PARTYNEXTDOOR does also appear, but only briefly.

Here he is playing the piano.
via Snapchat.
Here he is talking to his friends while Jenner sits at home.
via Snapchat.
And finally, here he is in a creepy window reflection.
via Snapchat.
There are also a few other familiar faces that pop up, like Big Sean and Jhene Aiko.
But, the most important part of the short video is when Jenner and PND finally meet up (phew!) and make out in the rain. Either Jenner's a good actress (doubtful) or these two share some affection.
via Snapchat.
via Snapchat.
via Snapchat.
This is not the first time that Jenner has worked with the rapper. Back in 2014, when she was only 16 and he was 20, she made a brief cameo in the background of his video for "Recognize," featuring Drake.
Here's a clip of the new music video.
Or watch the full thing on Snapchat, which is kind of weird that that's a thing now, but #technologybecray.

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