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What You Need To Know About Weed Lube

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We at Refinery29 are firm believers in the transformative power of lube. Clits don't self-lubricate, and a good lube adds silky smoothness to either partnered or solo sex. For comedian Laura Willcox's latest episode of her series Femme Ed on Refinery29's comedy channel, RIOT, Willcox explores the next big thing: weed lube.

In the video, above, Willcox and sex therapist Madeleine Castellanos, MD, test Foria's cannabis-coconut-oil concoction on their hands and talk why it's even better when applied to your genitals.

"There's lots of ways for the vagina to get high," Dr. Castellanos explains. "One of them is [this lube] dilates blood vessels, so you get increased blood flow to the area. We have almost as much erectile tissue as a guy does, just internal. It's fabulous."

Sign us up — if and when we're in California or Colorado, that is. (And remember: Coconut oil does not mix with latex condoms!) Catch the full episode above.

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Laura Willcox explores all the strange, sometimes wondrous (and sometimes horrifying) products available to women, from weed lube to waist trainers.

Laura Willcox Marijuana, Weed Lube, Sex Advice VideoReleased on June 7, 2016