17 Sneaky Ways To Decorate With Cats

Once upon a time, the phrase "cat lady" was an insult towards older, single women who lavished their attention on pets instead of a husband or children. And before that, a woman who owned a cat could even be considered a witch.

These days, however, women of all ages (and even some guys) are embracing their cat-lady tendencies (even Taylor Swift!). Sure, they aren't for everyone, but as those of us lucky enough to own a cat (or two) know, there's something magical about being loved by a creature so mercurial. Besides, they sleep 18 hours a day and are self-cleaning, making them pretty low maintenance.

So it's maybe no surprise that cat-themed decor has been popping up in some of our favorite stores recently. Hey, some people put up posters of their favorite bands or buy shirts for their favorite sports teams. We cat ladies would rather decorate with felines. So, in honor of Hug Your Cat Day* tomorrow, we've rounded up our favorite feline home buys.

*Dog people, if you've read this far, at least our pets like to be hugged.

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There's nothing wrong with wearing your cat lady label proudly.

Paper Source Cat Lady Pouch, $14.95, available at Paper Source.
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Keep your rings and little treasures corralled in a cute cat dish.

Curious Creatures Shop Wooden Cat Ring Dish, $22, available at Etsy.
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These sweet planters are the perfect way to spruce up your desk.

The Yarn Kitchen Cat Head Planters, $64, available at Etsy.
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And while real cats are more likely to knock a book over instead of propping it up, we appreciate the bookshelf support from these two cuties.

Danya B. Cement Cats Bookends, $19.49, available at Target.
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Keep your spare change stashed away with the help of a cute calico.

Cat In Box Bank, $38,available at MoMa Store.
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A friendly face to brighten up your bath time.

Urban Outfitters Cat Face Bath Mat, $29, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Not all cat decor has to have an actual cat on it — like this oversized matchbook.

Catbird Home And Lounge Kitten Matches, $4, available at Catbird.
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A serious cat plate that's seriously fun.

Donna Wilson Mog Plate, $38, available at Artsy Modern.
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The best way to keep your fridge organized, no ifs, ands, or butts.

Kikkerland Design Cat Butt Magnets, $12.99, available at World Market.
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A simple desktop accessory that somehow manages to look as mischievous as our favorite pet.

Decole Cat Tape Dispenser, $16.55, available at eBay.
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This cat is pretty enough to leave out even when you don't have flowers.

Jonathan Adler Glass Menagerie Cat Vase, $78 53.99, available at Jonathan Adler.
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Not all cat decor has to be cute. This cat-shaped candle burns away to reveal a geometric cat skeleton.

Thorunn Arnadottir Kisa Cat Candle, $34, available at Uncommon Goods.
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We wish cats came in colors this cute IRL, too.

Oh, Hello Friend Wooden Cat Clips, $8.25, available at Oh, Hello Friend.
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Most cats are good at sleeping and eating. This cat can actually tell you the time, which is slightly more useful than your average feline.

Kit-Cat Classic Black Clock, $49.99, available at Kit-Cat.
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A napping cat improves all cat naps.

Kate Spade Silk Pillow, $90.00 54.00, available at Kate Spade.
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A mug set for you and your boo. (Not all cat ladies are single!)

SunArt Cat Mug Set Of Two, $38, available at Fab.
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Of course, if you are, that's fine too. This tea set is perfect for a party of one.

Black Cat Tea Set, $45, available at Fab.