What It’s Like To Have Depression When You’re An Optimist

This week on How To Weep In Public, host Jacqueline Novak kicks it up a notch and interviews a real star: her dad. The two discuss how depression has influenced Jacqueline's life, how things have progressed since she left home, and why parents should want more for their kids than just "to be happy."

Both Jacqueline and her dad consider themselves to be optimists. And Jacqueline explains in the video that, at an early age, she was interested in self-help philosophies. "I really thought it was shocking the way that people around me in, like, eighth grade just thought that their mood was determined by their circumstances," she says. So whenever Jacqueline's depression hit, she says she felt confused, "like I [was] obviously doing something wrong."

And as Greg, Jacqueline's dad, points out, depression has nothing to do with what's going on around you: "People always say, 'What could be wrong? Everything's good in your life,'" he says. "Well, it doesn't work that way. Everything could be going good in your life, and you're still depressed — it's on its own level."

Watch the full video above to learn more about how this played out between Jacqueline and her parents. And to get more Real Talk about depression, check out the rest of the series on RIOT.