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How Much Tech Does A Baby Really Need?

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Being a mom in the 21st century is serious business. You can't just raise a child with some swaddling blankets, a couple boxes of Pampers, and a pacifier. How would you know if your baby was eating enough? How would you be able to monitor against SIDS every time you put your baby to bed? How could you tell how fast your baby's hair was growing?

Okay, we're kidding with that last one. But modern technology has made monitoring these kinds of situations — and a couple dozen others — dead easy. Or, as easy as buying an expensive new product and checking an app on your phone, anyway.

Our online comedy channel, RIOT, decided to tackle the tech-for-babies trend. Host Laura Wilcox checks out some of the crazy (and useful!) tech that parents have at their disposal today. And that includes NASA-developed fabrics, and changing tables that can weigh how much poop your infant just pooped. Seriously.

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Riot YouTube Video - Femme Ed Baby TechReleased on May 24, 2016