John Stamos' Throwback Full House Instagram Shows Some Olsen Twins Love

John Stamos, who has a vested interest in retaining your nostalgia for Full House (Fuller House debuts on Netflix February 26, lest you forget) shared a pretty adorable video from the early years of the show on Instagram today.

In the video, which Stamos referred to as "StamosHomeMovies" in the caption, the seemingly ageless star gets hugs from tiny toddlers Mary-Kate and Ashley. He also notes it was shot in Hawaii, and we're going to guess the actors were filming episode 1 of season 3, where the Tanner family went to Hawaii, got stuck on an island, and ended with Uncle Jesse singing the Elvis' "Rock-a-Hula Baby." Hey, we never said the show made much sense!
With Fuller House fever in full effect, Stamos' co-star, Jodie Sweetin, got in on the action with a throwback of her own — also apparently from the "Tanner's Island" episode. It's a quick look at what working with child actors is like behind the scenes. Little Jodie has zero chill in the clip — and it's breaking the cuteness meter.
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