15 Family-Friendly Binge-Watch Plans For Thanksgiving Weekend

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It's that time of year again, when families gather together to eat a big meal and then try to figure out what they should do together for the remainder of a long weekend. It's harder than it sounds.

After the dishes are washed and you've decided against breaking out the Monopoly board, most people turn to the warming glow of the television to space out and enjoy a food coma. But what can you watch that will make everyone happy, from Grandma to your 12-year-old sibling? We've got some suggestions.

Our list of family-friendly binge watches are rated PG to ensure there are no awkward moments with your parents and are fun for all ages. Ahead, see what we've rouned up.
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Who Do You Think You Are?

Celebrities from Kelly Clarkson to Zooey Deschanel to Rachel McAdams have appeared on this genealogy-themed show to research their family histories. The compelling stories will take you back in time, literally.

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The Good Wife

Check with your mom first and see if she's already watched this one, but if not you'll both really dig it. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) grows from a good wife to a powerful woman in this show that breaks the procedural mold.

Available on: Hulu, Amazon Prime
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Fixer Upper

There's something cathartic about DIY shows and this one, featuring Joanna and Chip Gaines of Waco, TX takes you inside the "worst house on the best block" in lots of small Texas towns. Joanna's decorating style will give you total home envy.

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This easy to miss British sitcom is about a woman named Miranda (Miranda Hart) who owns a joke shop. She’s a clumsy, fish-out-of-water character who also just so happens to have a heart of gold.

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Jane the Virgin

Great melodrama, great family comedy, great multi-generational look at life — all around great for a family to watch. Plus all the cliff-hangers will keep you binging on!

Available on: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime
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Say Yes to the Dress

Even those who aren’t really into weddings can easily get sucked into this one. There is something totally addictive about watching soon-to-be brides search for the perfect wedding gown.

Available on: Hulu, Amazon Prime
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The Jim Gaffigan Show

Gaffigan is known for his clean comedy — in fact, that's one of the running gags in the show. We get a well-rounded glimpse into his family and professional life. Not to mention his wife is the kind of strong figure we can get behind.

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The Great British Baking Show

The Brits really know how to do kind reality TV. This show is all about baking, not cooking, so while things do get tense, no one ever loses his or her cool. Instead, you watch kind people figure out mysterious recipes while thoughtful judges critique them. It's deliciously addictive.

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime
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Hot In Cleveland

First of all, this show has Betty White and that alone is reason enough to watch. Secondly, they make the most of the cast's connections and bring in all kinds of sitcom guest stars who are icons in the genre.

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Hart of Dixie

Set in the fictional town of Bluebell, AL, this show is dripping in Southern charm and manners. Nary a bad word slips the lips of the cast and everyone minds their Ps and Qs (or apologizes later if they don't). It's one of the best small-town shows since Gilmore Girls.

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This drama is set in 1943, during the Manhattan Project and in New Mexico. If your family enjoyed Mad Men or Downton Abbey specifically for the period aspect of the shows, this is a more family-friendly network option to scratch that itch.

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From the start, when Bones and Booth are only flitting around each other, to the present, when they have a child together, this workplace show has a lot of heart. One note: they do show a lot of bones and remains, with a fair amount of discussion of decomposition and forensic methods. If your family has the stomach for that, this is a great binge.

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Chef's Table

This beautifully shot and edited documentary series follows six of the most inventive minds in food, found in some of the most unexpected locations. The combination of classical music and beautiful food will pull you and the fam into a happy place.

Available on: Netflix
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Young & Hungry

Gabi (Emily Osment) gets a job as a personal chef for Silicon Valley entrepreneur Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) and they immediately fall in love. Watch a few episodes of this ABC Family comedy, and you’ll fall in love.

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

From the corny jokes to the workplace friendships, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom binge-watch you can get behind. Whether you’re in it for Peralta and Boyle's weird bromance or Linetti's awkward antics, it's got so many different kinds of jokes that there's something for everyone.

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