Your Horoscope For This Week — Oct 25 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Bring on the practical magic! This Tuesday, October 27, marks the annual full moon in earthy, grounded Taurus. Dot every i and cross every t. Your diligence will pay dividends in the two weeks to follow. Money matters take center stage, too. Circle Tuesday to ask for a well-deserved raise or splurge on the luxury item if you’ve been saving responsibly. Time to tighten up the belt? A couple weeks of savvy budgeting can get us all back on track for holiday shopping season.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year — thank you, universe! The Cancer moon and Scorpio Sun are flowing together beautifully, too, turning us all into night owls. House parties could be epic, so skip the pricey club scene if someone invites you to a living room celebration. Sentimental isn’t exactly the go-to description for Halloween, but this year’s starmap brings the warm-fuzzy vibes. Make the Cullen family proud and bond with your vampire brood. Good friends are the ones to roll with on Saturday. Of course, the more isn’t always the merrier under these intimate stars. Sultry surprises could be in store as the Cancer moon nudges us to cuddle up to one special soul.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Seal that deal, Scorpio! A partnership could become more permanent than ever, thanks to Tuesday’s full moon in your relationship house. You could sign important papers or take a Harry Winston walkthrough with your amour to check out the bling. Hey, even if you’re just prospecting for that “someday,” it’s a symbolic gesture that should not be underestimated. And what would the next level look like for you two? Meet up for dinner (ambient lighting, please) near Tuesday to dream, design, and discuss. If your heart isn’t into a particular connection, this full moon points you in a new direction. Take your leave swiftly, Coupled Scorpios, it’s time to consciously co-create. Team up with your honey on a project or party so you aren’t like two ships passing in the night. No matter what your relationship status reads, after Saturday, you’ll get obsessed with an independent venture as Mercury returns to your sign until November 22. This might even be one you started between September 25 and October 10, when Mercury visited Scorpio for the first time. Second time is a charm in this case.

Halloween is basically YOUR holiday, Scorpio: Haunting thrills AND socially-sanctioned sexy, why can’t it be like this EVERY day? This year, the moon is in Cancer and your ninth house of travel. Spontaneity is in the air; let it be your guide. Drive 50 miles to a haunted mansion...or heck, hop on a plane to check out the monthlong celebrations in Salem, MA. Are friends partying it up in another city? Pack your witch hat and hop on that broomstick red-eye for an unforgettable weekend of laughs...and quite possibly the benefit of a hot-yet-hilarious hookup.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Your body is your temple, Sagittarius, so worship, baby, worship. This Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus lights up your sixth house of healthy living, bringing some well-being wake-up calls. Ward off the winter slump with some savvy strategies. Before it gets REALLY cold out, radar in on a great gym or yoga studio (hot yoga, perhaps?) and start going to classes as part of your social schedule. Warm your body up from the inside, too — not with another hot toddy, but by swapping out your salad with roasted Brussels sprouts or a butternut squash soup. There could be some exciting developments at the office under this full moon, too. Your efforts of the past month will garner praise and attention. Schedule a performance review within two weeks of Tuesday, because you may be in line for a raise. Feeling stymied by an outsized project? A simple plan works best, so scale back and stop making it so complicated!

On Saturday, pile on the black lace, diaphanous sheers, and itsy-bitsy hot pants. With the moon in Cancer and your seductive eighth house, this Halloween brings the bewitchingly sexy vibes. Not that you have to reveal any skin to seduce, Sagittarius — a fitted cloak and your killer sense of humor could be all the tricks you need. Take a disco nap, because Saturday’s nocturnal vibes could lure you to a late-late showing of Rocky Horror followed by dancing at an after-hours club. Or you could stay up 'til the wee hours talking and hooking up with an attractive werewolf you meet along the way. Plan ahead: If an early bird in your squad tries to hop in your car, let them know they will have to Uber it home. When it comes to babysitting grown-ups...quoth the raven: Nevermore!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Lights, camera, action! Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus electrifies your fifth house of fame, leadership and romance. The performer in you is out to play, so take the stage. You’ll leave your fans breathless and hanging on your every word. Romantically, this full moon sweeps in with some legendary love affair energy. You could meet the co-author of your scintillating future love story...or FINALLY seal the deal with a longstanding crush. When you’re feeling someone, you have no problem letting the whole world know it. Ignore those cries of, “Get a room!,” and let your passion sweep you away. Single without strings? You could have your hands full of admirers before the weekend or simply get that much-needed motivation to dive back into the dating pool again. Coupled Caps could even catch baby fever. As the saying goes: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

With the Cancer moon lighting up your romance house this Saturday, Halloween will be a bright spot for love. If you’re in a relationship, no need to hover in the couple bubble. Use this as an opportunity to bring your respective friends together for a group hangout — or better yet, a collective costume theme. (Hello #ZombieCrawl2015.) Single and looking? You might be cheeky about it all and dress up as half of a famous couple. When people ask you where your counterpart is, you can cleverly let them know that you’re hoping to meet them, like, tonight. Or just get your girl gang together and pull off the cast of T. Swift’s "Bad Blood" video en masse.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Newsflash: Your home is your sanctuary, Aquarius — not some random place to toss your backpack between festival jaunts and couchsurfing circuits. Tuesday’s full moon in your domestic quarters awakens your nesting instincts. Take the two weeks that follow to seriously feather your nest — or to find a better place to hang your fedora if you’re stuck in the likes of a dank, basement apartment. You could also resolve a roommate situation, even packing up the U-Haul if you decide that living together isn’t the best plan. Family tension could erupt, too, but in a way that helps you clear the air. Agree to disagree instead of trying to persuade your relatives to see things your way — or rail against their values because they are different than yours.

Saturday is Halloween and you’re the happiest helper on the block. With the moon in your sixth house of service, you’d be cool with sipping seltzers and making sure your friends all get home safely. Or just coordinate the Ubers and gather early with friends for a crafty costume-making jam. You might have to pinch-hit with the glue gun or sewing machine, but watching everyone sparkle will make your heart sing. Don’t forget to add a few over-the-top touches to your own get-up. With Mars, Venus, and Jupiter all in your seductive eighth house, you could trim a few inches off your own costume’s hemline. Show as much skin as you’re comfortable baring. (Of course, leaving a little to the imagination is every bit as sexy. Meow!)
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Late to the party is better than missing the fiesta altogether. Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus and your super-social third house helps you catch up with all the friends you’ve been too busy to see since...oh, who can remember? The culture vulture in you could use some airtime, too. Clear some space in your schedule to download new music, read the headlines, and catch up the latest season of The Walking Dead thus far. Have you outgrown your go-to crew? Kindred spirits crop up near Tuesday, one who might even be worthy of BFF status. Or you could finally screw up the nerve to invite your girl crush to hang out. Take the initiative and your popularity will soar.

Halloween’s forecast is glamorous, amorous, and over the top. With the moon in your flamboyant fifth house, you can really do it up this year. Bring on the poufy circle skirts, candy-colored wigs, and rainbow-bright colors. And hey, if you want to add a couple strings of battery-operated LED lights, all the better. The fifth house governs romance, and Saturday could deliver some tricks and treats that don’t belong in a plastic pumpkin. A cross-cultural connection (or cross-species, as in werewolf to unicorn) could spark up, too. If you’re in a relationship, make sure your weekend plans are adventurous. You might even travel or pick up tickets to a live performance, like a haunted dinner theater.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Make it rain, Aries! Your money game is tight this week, thanks to Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus and your cash-positive second house. You could get word of a job offer or promotion so have your resume ready to circulate. Happy at your 9-to-5? A dream project could pop up that has your name written all over it. And let’s be honest, you have SO earned this. Don’t waste a minute questioning your ability to pull off the momentous task. What you don’t already know, you’ll learn along the way. If you’ve been diligently saving for the past six months or so, it’s time to for a treat. Shop around for a luxe investment piece that makes your wardrobe sing — like a buttery leather jacket with a shearling collar or the body-skimming black dress that can take you from day to night and back again with nary a “walk of shame” moment in-between.

And hello, Halloween homebody? With the moon in Cancer and your domestic fourth house, you might be content to stay in and distribute bite-sized Butterfingers to the costumed kiddies who ring your doorbell. But really, Aries, do you want to miss such an epic Saturday night? You can still keep it chill and head to a house party instead of a boisterous club. Or push back the furniture, set up Spotify, and turn your living room into a dance floor. With the Scorpio sun illuminating your seduction house, you never know who might lure you off to the corner for a scintillating conversation and even a follow up game of, er, “bobbing for apples.”
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Guess who’s making a comeback? This Tuesday marks the annual full moon in Taurus, a cosmic event that reboots your system and brings acclaim for your efforts of the past six months. Are you ready to step into the spotlight? Go public with your behind-the-scenes efforts? Schedule your big reveal and show the world what you’re capable of. For some Bulls, this full moon will be the moment of liberation. Break free from confining situations and find your own voice. You never needed anyone to be your mouthpiece to begin with, but this confidence-boosting full moon will help you hit the self-expression mark dead on.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year — and that’s a good thing, since you’ll be in a super social groove. With the sun and moon energizing your partnership houses, pairing up for a costume theme could mean Taurus FTW! Rope in your BF or your bae and go all out with it. A trifecta of planets (Mars, Venus, and Jupiter) in your show-stopping fifth house will make you extra creative — and bold! Confidence soars on Saturday, so go in for the kiss instead of waiting for someone else to make the first move.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Ready for a “life edit,” Gemini? This week, there’s only one question to ask: Should it stay or should it go? With Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus and your 12th house of transitions, you’ll be keenly aware of the excess baggage you’ve been dragging around — literally and figuratively. Start with the physical plane: If you have no more use for it, pack it up and send it off. One girls’ junk is another’s treasures and your friends (or a lucky thrift store vulture) will be all too happy to slip into your 2013 Prada. Toxic relationships, begone! As a social Gemini, you’re easily affected by the moods of other people. If someone’s bringing you down — or worse, subtly competing with you — put up that protective wall for once and for all. You can still be friendly...but with boundaries.

Halloween could be a little more low-key for you this year. With the moon hovering in Cancer and your earthy second house, you might be happy to crunch through the leaves and take your nephews trick-or-treating — or maybe hop on a haunted hayride yourself. If you do go out, you’ll crave a more sophisticated celebration like an invite-only masquerade ball. Pick up a pair of theater tickets (Phantom of the Opera?) or reserve a table at a great restaurant to enjoy a special Halloween tasting menu made with seasonal ingredients and wine pairings. You won’t be in the chattiest mood, so it might be best to hit a location where the entertainment is baked in.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Save the $3 PBRs for another celebration. This week is worthy of a vintage bottle of bubbly. With Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus and your collaborative 11th house, you could be clinking Champagne flutes with Team Cancer to laud a victory. Even if there’s nothing to literally celebrate, how about a morale-boosting moment of recognition? You’ve all been working so hard together for the past six months. Sit down and chart your shared accomplishments: You’ll quickly notice just how many milestones you’ve taken for granted. Some Cancers could be faced with a tough choice this week: As much as you love your squad, is it time to break off and explore new alliances? Sentimental though you may be, give yourself permission to evolve and expand. A new scene awaits — and you aren’t obligated to bring your old amies along for the ride. This full moon could also bring a lucky strike via an online connection. Carpe DM and send a direct message to someone whose work (or damn fine looks) you admire.

Saturday’s celebrations are not to be missed! With the moon in Cancer this Halloween, you’ll feel wild, flamboyant, and free. Better yet, the Scorpio sun will light up your theatrical fifth house — you are coming out of that shell with a vengeance. Pick a costume that turns heads...even if early in the week you have little desire to stand out in the crowd. By the time the weekend rolls around, you’ll NEED to be noticed and adored. Saturday’s stage is set for high romance, too. Just because you start the night off solo doesn’t mean you’ll end it that way. Attached? Flirt away, but don’t forget to give your sweetie some of that adulation, too.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Started from the bottom, now you’re here! Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus and your 10th house of success could bring a major career coup. Your hard work of the past six months will really pay off this week. Do your part to make sure the influential people around you notice. Bosses get busy, after all, and sometimes, you have to ping them with a little “Hey, look what I did!” message to get their attention. If you aren’t ready to be vaulted onto the throne yet, the full moon brings a shortcut up the ladder. Avail yourself as the celebrity apprentice to a heavy hitter in your office — or someone who works in your field. Sure, you might have to pay some dues in the form of free-to-cheap labor, but what you learn from the inside will be priceless. The men in your life will rise up as the happiest helpers of the week. Let your boys know what your goals are!

Saturday is Halloween, and the moon will hover in your enchanted 12th house. While your imagination will know no bounds, your energy levels may. Rest up early in the day, so you can enjoy the nocturnal entertainment. A fantasy-themed costume could hit the mark with you this year. Think: The Hunger Games or even The Hobbit. Steer clear of overly crowded places — and people who push your buttons. You’ll be ultra-sensitive to people’s vibes on Saturday and could get tweaked out if you feel cornered in any way. A late night showing of Rocky Horror and an after-hours DJ set could hit the mark perfectly.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Go long, Virgo! The usual places and faces just won’t cut it this week. With Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus and your globetrotting ninth house, opportunity will be found in a distant area code, or heck, COUNTRY code. Facetime or face time? After a virtual video chat, you could find yourself booking tickets to visit a friend in a foreign port. Close to home, a cross-cultural click could rock your world, too. Brace yourself though: A moment of truth is a-coming. You cannot tell — or listen to — a lie under this clarifying lunar light. Over the past six months, you’ve gathered enough evidence to make a decision. Within two weeks of this full moon, you must make a choice: Accept things as they are and stop complaining, or pull up the stakes and move on to greener pastures.

Saturday’s squad goals should include crushing the competition in the costume department. With the moon in your collaborative 11th house, rally your friends together for a group get-up. With all the attention you’ll attract, you could very well pick up a few fans and followers along the way. Yes, Virgo, you’ll be the Pied Piper of Halloween this year. Add some sci-fi touches like sound effects, lights, and even battery-operated components if you have the time to geek out. And with Mars, Venus, and Jupiter all synced up in Virgo, you WILL revel in the attention that comes your way. Bring a camera with a decent flash!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Feeling tipsy...or straight-up drunk in love? Tuesday’s erotically charged full moon makes you hotter than a "Partition" video Beyoncé. As your mojo rises, however, you’ll be more likely to radar in on one hot prospect than a half-dozen hookups. This could even be someone you’ve known for the past six months or so — and yes, you’ve felt the chemistry percolating. Some Libras will simply get more serious, desiring an exclusivity clause. There’s nothing wrong with wanting “more,” Libra. It doesn’t mean you’re needy or pathetic — and anyone who tries to make you feel that way should be instantly DQ’d this week! An existing relationship could get ever more serious. Hop by the hardware store to copy your apartment key or consider co-signing a lease on a little love shack.

Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out Halloween. This year, the moon hovers in Cancer and your VIP zone, so you’ll want to be on THE invite list for an epic bash. Even if you have to spring for the tickets, it will be well worth the cover price if you’re guaranteed a great DJ and people you deem worthy of giving the time of day. (As opposed to a night of auto-tuned ear candy and a disaster-in-a-mask trying to shimmy up behind you whenever you move beyond the boundary of your friend circle.) Hanging with the fellas will bring high entertainment value, too, even if they’re just your pals. Include the guys in your plans, Libra — you might even wind up playing matchmaker in the process.