29 Makeup Products That Are Flying Off Shelves Right Now

Whether you’re dressing up as Harley Quinn or Jem and the Holograms, the most important part of any Halloween transformation happens above the neck. From bright pigments to wildly long lashes (and maybe even a few drops of fake blood), you'll likely need a few products that aren’t already in your makeup bag or at your local drugstore.

To help you in your search, we polled some pros from our favorite stores known for their Halloween makeup. Ahead, they tell us about the top-selling, most popular, and all-around best products of the season. You better hurry up — many of these buys are already starting to sell out.
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The Store: Ricky’s, New York City
According to Ricky’s NYC president Richard Parrott, glitter is one of the most popular cosmetics of the season. It makes sense, considering Halloween is the only holiday besides New Year’s Eve when it’s acceptable to turn yourself into a human disco ball. Don’t hold back!
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These mink lashes are another Ricky's winner, says Parrott. They’re not cheap, but $30 is a small price to pay to feel like a superstar. (Plus, if you treat them nicely, they might just last you until next year.)
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But if you want a more affordable option, Parrott (as well as scores of makeup artists) also swears by this faux fringe. Grab a few different styles, and swap them out for each costume party.

Natural Lashes #109 Black, $3.99, available at Ricky's NYC.
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Of course, you’ll need something to keep all those lashes in place. “This is the gold standard of eyelash glue,” says Parrott.
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This year, Parrott predicts hair color to be the best-selling type of item at Ricky's. (Kylie Jenner costume, anyone?) "And clip-ins don’t require a commitment," he adds. So if you like the idea of sporting bold streaks for Halloween — but not necessarily of showing up for work with them on Monday — snap these on.

Manic Panic
18" Glam Strip in Pretty Flamingo, $6.99, available at Ricky's NYC.
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This finely milled loose powder, which Parrott calls “truly impactful,” is just the thing to set your meticulously applied Snapchat puking rainbow. Then, go ahead and stash it in your makeup bag to dust over your daily foundation.

Ben Nye
Banana Luxury Powder, $29.99, available at Ricky's NYC.
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The Store: Alcone, New York City
You won't find these little jars at your local drugstore. “It’s a two-part, silicone mixing medium that sounds complicated but is the easiest thing to use,” says Jacob Hyzer, creative director and manager of Alcone. “You mix equal parts of [the two jars] together, and you can make wounds, gouges, or do the Joker slashed-open mouth. We can barely keep it on the shelves.”

3rd Degree
Clear, 4 oz. Kit, $40, available at Alcone Company.
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Whatever bright face paint your costume calls for, these waterproof multi-use wonders deliver. “[They] stay on really well, and can be used on the face or body,” says Hyzer.

Aquacolor, $25, available at Alcone Company.
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Some people are really afraid of clowns — and if you intend to scare the shit out of them, you need this super-pigmented white face paint. “It’s essentially a cream foundation,” says Hyzer.

Ben Nye
Clown White, $14, available at Alcone Company.
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Because this colored hairspray spritzes on practically dry, you can mist away without worrying about ruining your hairstyle, says Hyzer. (Looking at you, Bride of Frankenstein.)

Color Spray, $9.50, available at Alcone Company.
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Fake blood is an instant costume. This type is particularly great because “it dries down but still looks wet, so it won’t rub off on your clothes,” says Hyzer.

Fleet St.
Drying Blood Fresh, $70, available at Alcone Company.
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Yes, more fake lashes. “These are human-hair lashes, and people come to us [for them] a ton because they’re cheap,” says Hyzer. (And maybe a little bit creepy.)

Red Cherry
Lashes, $5, available at Alcone Company.
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When it comes to lash glue, Hyzer prefers this tinted formula. “It’s a really good, strong lash adhesive that they sell in black; it can be used for strips and individuals; and it’s latex-free,” says Hyzer.

Lock-On Lash Lash Adhesive, $10, available at Alcone Company.
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Want to turn your hair ghost-white or Goth-black for the night? This temporary dye will make it look realistic. “If you want more movement in the hair or to wear it down, brush this into [it],” says Hyzer. “A lot of Broadway shows use it.”

Ben Nye Liquid Hair Color, $7-$24, available at Alcone Company.
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It's no surprise: Face paint is a big seller, and this one flies off Alcone's shelves. Unlike many formulas, this lanolin-enriched cream never feels tight or itchy.

Foundation Greasepaint, $12.95, available at Alcone Company.
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The Store: MAC
In case you haven’t caught on yet, white face paint is a hit this time of year. “White is popular for dozens of quick Halloween looks, from creepy clowns to vampires,” says MAC senior artist John Stapleton. This water-resistant foundation does the job — and comes in a convenient compact.

MAC Full Coverage Foundation in White, $33, available at MAC.
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Think of this as the creepy version of contour. “It can be applied to lips, painted on the body, added to eyes for a smoky base, or painted under cheekbones and into sockets to bring out your inner skeleton,” says Stapleton. “Set with an invisible powder…and it lasts through a sweaty night out.”

Paint Stick in Black Black, $22, available at MAC.
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This cult lipstick is great for glamorous costumes — but you can also repurpose it for a ghoulish effect. “This can add a ton of dimension to the black and white backdrops of Black Black [Paint Stick] and Shivering White [Powder],” says Stapleton. “It’s a bright, matte cherry-red that can take you from Marilyn Monroe to the Joker, to a vampire’s trail of blood.”
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Are you starting to understand the importance of faux lashes? Stapleton promises that they can take any costume from “mild to wild.” He likes to place them on both the upper and lower lashlines for the most dramatic effect.

7 Lash, $17, available at MAC.
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The Store: Make Up For Ever
According to Karen Teomi, manager at the Make Up For Ever New York City boutique, “The most popular looks that women like to re-create are traditional skulls and [Mexican] sugar skulls, and last year we received a ton of requests for Maleficent.” This transfer-proof, waterproof black gel is perfect for the task — and you can dance your face off without worrying about dancing your makeup off.

Make Up For Ever
Aqua Black, $23, available at Make Up For Ever.
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This stuff sells out every Halloween. “We have been working very hard with our production team in France to help make sure this does not become a problem this year,” says Teomi. We recommend you stock up, stat, just in case.

Make Up For Ever
Clown White, $18, available at Make Up For Ever.
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Whether you want to be Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, Elphaba from Wicked, or Sadness from Inside Out, these water-activated face and body paints are ideal for head-to-toe color. “It is highly pigmented and has tremendously long staying power,” says Teomi.

Make Up For Ever
Wet Make-Up, $29, available at Make Up For Ever.
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Like a spritz of hairspray to ensure your updo lasts, a final dusting of this cult face powder will make that sexy-zombie look you created go the distance. “It sets the color on the face,” says Teomi. “And it creates a barrier between the layers of makeup to prevent smudging.”

Make Up For Ever
HD Microfinish Powder, $34, available at Make Up For Ever.
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The Store: Kryolan
“This is hands-down our most popular product for creating gruesome, realistic open-flesh wounds and third-degree burns,” says Kryolan education coordinator Jordan Plath. “Once applied and set with powder, Artex is flesh-like and stretches like real skin.” If you want to gross out everyone you know — and even people you don’t — this is your ticket.

Artex, $25, available at Kryolan.
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There will be (more) blood! It is Halloween, after all. This fake blood is available in both liquid and gel formulas for a strikingly realistic effect that won’t stain the skin, says Plath.

F/X Blood, $6.50, available at Kryolan.
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For that "undead" look, Plath suggests a light dusting of this powder. You can also use it for more ethereal getups.

Kryolan Glamour Sparks in Noble Sparks, $14.15, available at Kryolan.
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With the right placement, this lip stain is an instant Halloween costume. Just dab it on the corners of the mouth and — voilà! — you’re a vampire.

Lip Stain in Rock, $21.30, available at Kryolan.
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If you want to get away with the bare minimum for the holiday, sweep on a black lipstick. Pair it with Doc Martens, and you’re the perfect '90s Goth. Accessorize it with brunette curls and a microphone, and you’re Lorde. Either way, “This stuff is super-pigmented and won’t budge,” says Plath. So scowl away, sister.

Lip Stain in Metal, $21.30, available at Kryolan.
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Kryolan is famous for its amazing makeup wheels. For all your monster, zombie, and vampire needs, reach for the Creature Feature wheel. It has just about every color you could want — plus a white for mixing up some of your own — to get super-spooky with your look.

Kryolan Creature Feature Cream Color Circle, $17.30, available at Kryolan.
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