Know Your Judges: Ron Robinson

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
Who he is: A seasoned cosmetic chemist and founder of

What he brings to the table:
Ron has over 20 years of experience as a sought-after cosmetic chemist, creating some of the most innovative, best-selling beauty products for leading brands. He has a knack for discovering unique ingredients, cutting-edge technologies, and delivery systems.

Best beauty tip: “Sunscreen rules! Wear it every day, and in the winter, too. In the long run, this will give you the beauty edge.”

Just in time for all your summer fun, Ron breaks down the most effective sun-protecting beauty ingredients, ahead.

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"Soothing menthyl lactate cools skin right on contact. Its super-fine mist evenly distributes the sunscreen and doesn’t need to be rubbed in! Vitamin E and aloe nourish the skin while providing a high level of sun protection."
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"This face stick is guaranteed never to bleed into your eyes or make hands slippery, and won’t come off your skin even in the blazing-hot sun, voracious winds, or water. Hypoallergenic, vitamin E-enriched, and oil- and paraben-free, it applies adequate amounts of sun protection to your entire face and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. Applying sunscreen has never been easier."
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"I am not a fan of flavor-infused lip products, but these SPF lip balms are an exception. Sometimes, lip balms with high levels of sun protection are too heavy or goopy, but these are light and emollient."
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"This new, alcohol-free spray-on sunscreen provides UVA/UVB protection plus antioxidants. With a new name and packaging, the brand’s sun-care products continue to offer the most superior protection in a range of ultra-convenient forms. Formulated with an advanced photostable patented UV filter system, powerful antioxidants, and luxurious lightweight textures, the complete range is designed for every skin tone under the sun."
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"Protect hands from the sun and visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots with this anti-aging hand cream. It infuses skin with a blend of vitamins, plants, and algae to assist with brightening, evening, smoothing, and preventing dark-spot formation."
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"With its tried-and-true Helioplex technology and dry-touch formulas, Neutrogena brings its popular Ultra Sheer formulation to a stick form! This wide-faced stick is ideal for both face and body, with no mess attached. It leaves behind an undetectable veil of UV protection that is lightweight and non-greasy."
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"Don’t forget to protect your delicate décolletage! This moisturizing treatment softens, firms, and brightens the skin while protecting against UV rays. It promotes cell turnover with its emollient, primer-like formula that glides on oh-so-evenly. It’ll feel like you’re applying a luxe hydrating treatment every morning, without realizing that you’re just applying your daily sunscreen!"
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