Know Your Judges: Anne-Marie Guarnieri

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
Who She Is: Refinery29's Deputy Editor, Fashion & Beauty

What she brings to the table:
Prior to coming to R29, Anne-Marie spent the better part of the last decade as a beauty and style editor, contributing to a number of publications including Allure, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire,, and Fashion (CAN). She has a deep love for and knowledge of the fragrance market and has interviewed nearly every notable and up-and-coming perfumer in the business.

Best beauty tip:
"This isn't technically a beauty tip, but a Beautyblender is genius at getting deodorant off of dark fabric if you're in a jam."

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"This product has a number of imitators, some of which are quite good, but none quite captures the lit-from-within glow that Touche Éclat provides. When layered over your favorite under-eye concealer, [it makes] you look like you got a full night's sleep, drank enough water, and never have problems with seasonal allergies."
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"For the longest time, you could only get this stuff in Europe. But the good people at Chanel finally made it available to us here. It's especially genius at removing eye makeup, and it doesn't strip or dry out the skin."
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"At this stage in my career, I can say with confidence that I have tried pretty much every mascara, at every price point, available. I always return to this one. My eyelash desire is for volume, and this one provides that sexy fullness, every single swipe."
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"You know how sometimes matte eye products can read a little gray on the skin? This one is a flat but velvety black that, believe it or not, manages to not only stay put all day, but come off with ease when you wash your face — zero raccoon eyes."
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"This is one of those products that I almost wish I never knew existed: When I've run out, I notice that my skin is a little dull, a little lifeless. It's genius at lightening sunspots. It's effective at softening fine lines. And my face just FEELS better when I'm using it."
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"I parted ways with hair gel back in the '90s. But then this one came into my life, and I never want our love to end. It's SO MUCH lighter than traditional hair gels, without any of the telltale crunch. And it smells absolutely tremendous."
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"I am nearing the end of my bottle and find myself rationing out every single spray. It's an amber by which I measure all other ambers: smoky, resinous, honeyed. If I had to claim a signature scent, it would be this one."
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"T. LeClerc's pale-yellow Banane powder kicked off my long love affair with correcting powders, but has become nearly impossible to get. Enter Tom Ford, whose Illuminating Powder is nearly identical, with just a hint of luminosity."
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"This is the only hot-pink lipstick I consistently return to, year after year. It's just so cheery. I find myself smiling more when I'm wearing it. It's also great for the summer months, when you don't want to put on a full face — it's the only product you need."
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"I've never really paid too much attention to the gendering of fragrance; if I like how something smells on my skin, I'll wear it. This is technically a men's scent, but there's something warm and sweet in there that makes it smell like fancy graham crackers, and I love it so much."
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