32 Movies To Make You Feel Great About Being Single On Valentine's Day

Photo: Courtesy of IFC Films; Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Valentine's Day doesn't exist just to make single people feel like crap. It can be a celebration of all sorts of lurve, from your best friends (Galentine's Day!) to yourself. Also, have you seen what restaurants and bars are like out there on V-Day? Ugh, the worst! You don't want to be those people, anyway.

What you need is a movie night, complete with feel-good films about interesting people who find happiness their own way, whether that's baking pies, hanging out with gorillas, taking off into the woods, starting punk rock riots, or just hanging out with their besties. These aren't perfect protagonists. Although they do some tough stuff, they're not "strong" or "fierce" or "badass." They're human, and every human is worthy of love. That includes you. After all, if you can't love yourself…