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Hot Pants, Tiger Prints, & A Badass Closet You Have To See

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If there's one thing we appreciate around here, it's those style standouts with signature aesthetics and killer dressing instincts, which is why we've got YouTube star Jenn Im chasing down those singular sartorial personalities for your viewing pleasure. In this installment, she talks to Madeline Pendleton, blogger, vlogger, free spirit, and exemplar of the mantra that what works for you works. Not only does she dress the way she wants, but she also designs some of her eye-catching pieces, too. If you're a bohemian by way of rock 'n' roll, you're gonna want to take notes on what Jenn found in Madeline's closet: super-hero outfits, signature looks, and hot pants, to name a few. Get to know this unique style maven and more every week on Hang Time.
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Here's your chance to peak inside Jenn Im's closet, and learn the latest fashion tips from one of our favorite YouTube stars.

Jenn Im Video - Madeline PendletonReleased on October 8, 2014