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Zodiac Fashion: How To Dress For Your Sign

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    Guess what? Some of your sartorial choices are out of your hands. And, no, not in a puppet-pulling-the-strings kind of way. But, it may just be possible that our style preferences are a reflection of our astrological signs, developed with certain inherent penchants for one aesthetic over another. Are you destined to love sportswear over slinky dresses, obsess over plaid, or fill your closet with neutral colors exclusively? The answer is not so cut and dry. But, if anyone can help us crack the sartorial zodiac code, it would be Susan Miller.

    Teaming with the famed astrologer, we've taken a closer look at the kind of styles that most appeal to every sign. And, with Miller's help, we've crafted perfect summer-into-fall looks that were made just for you. Coupled with the expert's horoscope readings for the next month, consider yourself covered — literally and figuratively — for whatever the stars have in store.

    And, just in case you find that these profiles completely hit the mark, think of the style suggestions ahead as a guide to 12 perfect looks that will please every facet of your personality. Ultimately, the call is yours.

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