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Yogurt For Your Face: The Secret To Perfect Skin?

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Yogurt. It's really just the gift that keeps on giving, no? One minute we're praising this superfood for working miracles on our insides, the next we're blowing our paychecks on Korres night cream just to slather it on our faces. Now, there's another way to get the benefits of dairy: This face mask by Dairyface claims to use dairy fat, as well as pro- and pre-biotics, to moisturize and even out your skin tone. And, it's so yogurt-y you actually have to keep it in the fridge. Could this be the next big thing for our skin? Watch and find out.
Dairyface Nourishing Facial Refresher, $26.99, available at Dairyface.

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Dairy Yogurt Face Mask ReviewReleased on December 7, 2013