Live Parlor Palms

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(Chamaedorea elegans) A beautiful small palm commonly grown as a potted houseplant. Has pinnate (feather like) dark green fronds and grows to a height of 4 to 6 feet in height. Liking partial to full shade, regular watering in well draining soil, a soil ph between 6.0 to 6.8 and cold hardy to USDA Zone 10a (30 degrees F). works great as potted houseplants, solitary or group grown and grown as under story plants in shaded flowerbeds. What is for sell? (Second picture) These palms are 18 to 30 inches in height, well rooted in 1 gallon pots and read to be planted in larger containers or the ground. Growing instructions included. Shipping Policy and Exclusions, Please read before ordering Shipping through USPS Priority Mail (1 to 3 day shipping) with tracking numbers. We only ship live plants on Mondays and Tuesdays to insure live healthy delivery NO SHIPPING TO CALIFORNIA. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Live Healthy Arrival Guaranteed On the off chance you receive dried out or damaged plants please contact us within a week of receiving them. Write us a brief message with the order id and a picture of your ordered plants clearly showing the damage. After reviewing your message we will ship you replacements free of charge. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are always happy to help.