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Dove Ultracare Crème Concentrated + Repair Conditioner

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We know that like attracts like, so here's a formula that makes sense: thick hair plus thick nourishment equals beautifully nourished, visibly repaired strands. Repairing severely damaged, thick hair back to its beautiful best means finding a deep hair conditioner that works instantly for intense nourishment. Just like Dove UltraCare Concentrated + Repair Creme Conditioner: specially designed to care for extremely damaged, thick hair in need of visible repair. Step out of the shower to nourished, instantly repaired hair from this indulgent creme conditioner. Formulated with Micro-Conditioning Complex technology - rich nourishment, perfectly suited for thicker, severely damaged hair - Dove UltraCare Concentrated Repair Creme Conditioner works just like a daily damaged or dry hair treatment. Deeply caring and nourishing, iconic Dove hair care is combined with intense moisturization for instant, visible hair repair in just one minute. Just smooth on and rinse off for the right results after every wash. After washing your hair with a nourishing Dove shampoo, squeeze a generous amount of our best deep conditioner for damaged hair into the palm of your hand. Smooth evenly throughout wet hair, focusing mostly on the mid-lengths to ends. Leave for just one minute before rinsing away for nourished, healthy-looking hair.