Big Potato Game

Blockbuster Party Game

Bring Home The Entertainment... Again! The Golden Age Of Video Rental Is Back With A Party Game Starring The Movies You Know And Love. And Like All Great Blockbusters, This One Is A Double Bill. Part One Is A Movie Buzzer Battle. Part Two Is Triple Charades Jeapardy, Let The Good Times Roll! In The Movie Buzzer Battle, Both Teams Are Given A Topic, Such As "Movies With Dogs". You Start The 15-Second Timer, Yell Out A Relevant Movie, Then Whack The Buzzer To Reset The Time. The Other Team Is Now In The Hot Seat And Has To Do The Same. Whoever Runs Out Of Time Hands The Advantage To The Other Team, Which Takes Control Of The Next Round: Triple Charades Jeopardy. In This Round, Teams Have To Guess The Movie, While You Act It, Use One Word, Or Quote From It. There Is All Sorts Of Strategy And Stealing, Too.