Why You Only Need One Dress This Wedding Season

Going to weddings is fun, but it can be hard on the wallet. Especially if you buy something new for every invite you receive. Before you know it, you'll need a whole 'nother closet for storage (good luck with that), and end up with a bunch of stuff you might never wear again. But, we believe one awesome, adaptable frock is all you need. Yes, one.

Beach, ballroom, or dive bar, every wedding you go to is a little bit different. And, the trick to making a great impression — and the most of your hard-earned money — is to know how to adapt what you already have. Ahead, we found one frock that can deliver at least three times over.
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The Dress
To find the dress that can carry you through all of wedding season, look for a more classic style (like a fit-and-flare) in a quirky print. We also find that an uncommon silhouette — like one with beetle wings — can work, too, in a more neutral solid. Go statement-making in both color and cut, and you may have a tricker time reinterpreting it for both a cocktail hour and a backyard BBQ.
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For The Formal Affair
For the fanciest of wedding venues and your fanciest friends, pull out all the stops with a ladylike stiletto heel, elegant caped tuxedo jacket, and a bit of evening sparkle via costume jewelry. To make sure things don't get too stiff, throw in a wonderfully weird accessory.
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For The Casual Ceremony
Quick — your pal just called you up and is tying the knot with her longtime boo in an hour at the park. Grab your dress and pair it with all of your every-day favorites. Shiny loafers, a color-coordinated crossbody, and a tomboyish bomber jacket are just the thing. Don't forget shades to block the rays. They'll do double duty and cover your puffy eyes if you're a wedding weeper — hey, we've all been there.
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For The Beach Bash
We love the idea of a beach wedding. The salty air, sunset, and resort-chic dress code — it all sounds good to us. Just be sure to switch out your footwear for something that can actually trek across the sand, and bring an easy-to-wrap-yourself-up-in topper for when it gets breezy. Accessorize with simple, pared-down pieces that complement the effortless vibes of a beach ceremony.