Shoes You Can Wear To That Wedding (& The Rest Of The Year)

Spring means showers and flowers, sure, but it also means you have umpteen weddings on your schedule. And, while it's easy to get lost in the love and happiness of the couple getting hitched, it's equally easy to get wrapped up in which of your outfits will look fly as hell when bumping into wild cards at the event (hey, you never know if your ex will be there — yikes).

Amid all the preoccupation with your outfit, your shoes may take a backseat — it's hard to justify splurging on a new pair when you already have so many standbys. But, you know these babies will be the special sauce in your perfect look. So, what do you do? You shop for shoes you can wear all spring that just so happen to make your outfit sing. We swear you'll get a lot of use of the selects ahead, so at least you won't feel like you're breaking the bank. And, that's reason enough to dance the night away.
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Track soles mean no awkward slipping.
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Step 1: Wear these post-wedding with a pair of track pants. Step 2: Look amazing.
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Who says you can't wear "something blue," too?
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Pump up the jam your spring outfits.
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These little slip-ons pack a lot of retro-inspired punch.
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Bunny ears never looked so good.
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Got a loud dress? Consider neutral kicks.
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The low, chunky heel means no need to take your shoes off on the dance floor.
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A pastel that's elegant and funky? Yes, please.
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You can wear these to a formal wedding and every day of the week — they're magically versatile.
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Going to a less formal affair? Try a wedge sandal.
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The least casual way to wear denim.
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The sheer panels here make things a little sexy and a lot unexpected.
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Pastel + polka dots = shoe paradise.
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Buckle up: It's going to be a chic night.
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Industrial detailing and jelly material? Your high school friends will be so jealous.
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That '70s shoe.
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The bride can have her mermaid gown, but you'll be giving off your own under-the-sea vibe in these delicate sandals.
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It's spring, so swap out your shades of gray for periwinkle.
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Don't get tied up over what shoes to wear.
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Girl with the pearl shoe-thing.
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Go fringe or go home.
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Go on safari — even if you're in, like, Connecticut.
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These'll liven up any monochromatic dress.
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Eat your heart out, Elvis.
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Wear with your jeans tonight, and with your cocktail dress this weekend.
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The tassels, my friend, are blowing in the wind.
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These may have been invented by Sporty Spice.
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Join the navy.
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Welcome to Lace City, U.S.A.
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