Every Watermelon-Cutting Hack You Will EVER Need This Summer

This story was originally published on July 17, 2016.

Summer is all about watermelon. Sliced into sweet, cool wedges, the pink fruit is always the perfect, refreshing addition to a picnic or cookout. But as much as we love eating it, cutting the damn thing is another story.

We've already shared one easy way to slice them up, but if you're looking for more creative cutting tips, the internet is full of them. Check out the some of the best, below, and get ready to take your summer fruit game to the next level.

1. Skin your watermelon:
Impress the cookout crowds with this crafty party trick.

2. Slice your watermelon into perfect portions:
These longer wedges are the perfect for grab-and-go snacking.

3. Make a watermelon keg:
Utilize the entire melon with this creative tip.

4. Cube your watermelon:
Cubes are the classic watermelon cut — use this method for a quick addition to any fruit salad.