14 Sweater Upgrades To Make, ASAP

It's a universal truth that everyone loves a comfy sweatshirt; if there's any feeling half as heavenly as sinking into a toasty pullover, crewneck, hoodie, or zip-up, we've yet to discover it. But us spending all day in a frumpy (albeit cuddly) sweatshirt is something the world still isn't ready for. Sure, the rise of normcore is slowly chipping away at its fashion faux-pas association, but we doubt any boss would give a nod of approval to a hoodie — Mark Zuckerberg excluded.
Well, say a hearty hello to the sweater — and we're not talking about your average beige cashmere top or chunky knit. Wearing a sweater doesn't always have to equate to looking prim and proper (or the other extreme — lampshading). Instead, introducing prints, cuts, and colors into your collection will give your everyday wear an upgrade, with a dose of optimal comfort. So, when hibernating indoors isn't an option, we're trading our oversized sweatshirts for the stylish sweaters ahead.

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