Your May Love Horoscope, Revealed


What a lucky month to be in love! Literally. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, dances a passionate paso doble with romantic goddess Venus, opening hearts everywhere. In technical terms, the two planets form an auspicious 120-degree angle called a trine, which only happens a few times (if that) each year. May 10 is the official date of the trine, and the effects can be felt for a few days before and after.

Jupiter is the cosmic gambler and supersizer. Whatever it beams on gets bigger — well, make that massive. If you're feeling the love, there's no holding back now. May could bring a flurry of fast engagements, key exchanges, and elopements. Jet-setting Jupiter also sparks cross-cultural attractions and vacation romances. Couples should definitely travel together in May, especially when Jupiter ends its retrograde after the 9th. Of course, this all comes with a downside. Lovers' quarrels will get inflamed by the planet’s truth serum. Thankfully, diplomatic Venus can help you address touchy topics without losing your cool. Buckle up; May will be quite the ride.


Picnics in the park, a long weekend in Paris, festival-hopping in a trailer... May's adventurous starmap puts your date-planning skills in overdrive. It's anyone's guess where you and your mate will end up — or where you will find your exhilarating love connection. One thing's for certain: It won't be anything ordinary. With planets swirling through your jet-setting ninth house, you could meet your match while traveling, especially near the daring Jupiter-Venus trine on the 10th. After the 9th, you'll have no trouble taking the lead in love, as adventurous Jupiter wakes up from a four-month retrograde and powers forward through Virgo until the fall. Some Virgos could even relocate for love or give a long-distance relationship a go. Cross-cultural connections have an extra spark, so let your differences draw you in.

On the 20th, the sun moves into Gemini and your goal-obsessed 10th house for a month. As someone who likes to plan ahead, you could get fixated on the future now. If it's time to swap keys or even co-sign a lease, the full moon on the 21st gives you the green light to play house. Just make sure you aren't heaping on the pressure. It's one thing to want security, and that might mean you need a more exclusive relationship status. But if it's going to be happily ever after, what's the rush? Enjoying a mix of "me time" and "we time" is your best bet, especially while indie-spirited Jupiter swirls through Virgo until September.
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