Sound Off: Our Top 3 Albums This Week

Real Estate Days Album ReviewReal Estate, "Days"
You may recall that we were quite enamored with the first Real Estate record, and after listening to it hundreds of times, we were in need of a new fix. Days, their second record, and probably the most satisfying indie rock album of the year, really does the trick. It's hard to put your finger on what's so great about this band, because on paper, it's just easygoing suburban rock with mellow and airy guitar lines and simultaneously hopeful and melancholy lyrics. For us, it's comfortable, and we can tell it will be keeping us company all winter long.
Drive Original Soundtrack Album ReviewVarious Artists, "Drive Original Soundtrack"
So, yeah, we were really into Drive. Completely into it. Even the sub-Michael Mann dialogue, the preposterous plot, and the '80s fonts. Finally, we got to thinking that we need to make our lives more like the movie. So far, we have driving gloves and this soundtrack, which totally does the trick. Now, when we walk to the subway, we get to strut to synthesizers and have angelic voices remind us that we're "real human beings."
The Horrors Skying Album ReviewThe Horrors, "Skying"
You can pretty much count on a new British band to come out every few months, mine the same post-shoegaze sound that British bands have been mining since the early '90s, and then quietly go away after their album is breathlessly lauded by the British music press. The Horrors have avoided this fate by consistently releasing great music and improving with each effort. Their latest album is their strongest set of psychedelic new wave yet — a damn good collection of songs recorded beautifully at their personal studio.
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