Gasp: Tiffany & Co. Will Create All The Jewels For The Great Gatsby

When it comes to movie magic, no one nails it quite like Baz Luhrmann. He and his costume designer wife Catherine Martin always bring stunning visuals to the silver screen, and their newest flick, The Great Gatsby, is sure to follow in Moulin Rouge!’s glittering footsteps. Or earlobes: It’s just been reported that Tiffany & Co. will be custom creating all of the jewelry for Gatsby, which famously takes place during the high Art Deco and Jazz eras. Says a spokesperson for the jewelry house, “Tiffany was certainly part of this era. The brand was at the center of the parties of the rich and famous.” This means we’re in store for ‘20s-inspired pieces culled from the archives of the company and tons of diamonds and pearls dripping from leading lady Carey Mulligan’s neck, wrists, and ears. Jay Gatsby—the book’s tragic hero, played by Leonardo DiCaprio—famously said Daisy Buchannan's voice was full of money, and now it seems her jewels in this latest cinematic adaptation will certainly be up to the gold—and diamond—standard, as well. (Elle)
Photo: Via Elle

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