Will This Top Replace The Off-The-Shoulder Trend?

Let's talk about off-the-shoulder tops for a moment. They look cool (they really do!), and they're everywhere. But, wearing them hasn't been all fun and games. When it comes to practicality, they prevent you from lifting your arms and get really weird when you have to wear a backpack. Also, strapless bras? They're kind of the worst. So why are we still wearing them, especially when we've found the perfect alternative to replace it?
Is it just us, but has the tie-front crop top been all over Instagram? After doing a little e-commerce deep-dive, we found this shirt style at most of our favorite retailers — and it makes sense. The little front-knot allows you to hide the center of a bra (or, you can even go braless if it gives you enough support); the cut is just plunge-y enough to feel sexy, without feeling too exposed; and, the best part? They're just not off-the-shoulder tops. Ahh, we like summer '17 already.
Considering we're already seeing it everywhere, we have a feeling this top is about to be It. Click on to embrace the trend, and feel free to let go of your off-the-shoulder-fixation straight away.