10 Female-Run International Brands You Need To Know Now

Have you ever fallen down a shopping rabbit hole? You know, when one awesome brand leads you to another with a similar aesthetic, and then another, and then another? That's basically what happens when we shop on Tictail, the easiest platform for discovering emerging brands from around the globe. Every two weeks, we're teaming up with the site to unearth a selection of brands you probably don't know about, but definitely should. Prepare to open a LOT of browser tabs.
There's already a lot to think about when shopping — that's one feeling we know all too well. But aside from keeping in mind your budget, your style, and your ethics, it's time to add another piece of criteria to the list: Focusing on supporting female-run labels. Of course, every customer's priorities are different. But, one thing we've decided to focus on is putting our money towards women-led brands, whether it's International Women's Day or not. All year long, we're making a point to show our girl power by supporting it on all levels, even in our wardrobe. And, Tictail is a goldmine of lady-brands that make us want to treat ourselves, from clothing to accessories to lingerie and swim.
Click on to get to know a few new female designers from around the world (and click here to check out even more from Tictail).
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The Brand: Apalma
The Need-To-Know: “Brooklyn designer Daniela Jordan-Villaveces launched her line, Apalma, to ‘empower women to feel happy and comfortable’ — and this tiger-print shirt does just that! Paired with high-waisted jeans, you can go from work to weekend in no time.”

Apalma Tiger Button-Up Shirt, $88, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Whip Appeal
The Need-To-Know: “It’s never too early to start thinking about swimsuit season! On the top of my list: suits from Whip Appeal of Sweden, which are made from recycled materials. This one — like many of founder Julia’s designs — is reversible, and shows off not one, but two rad patterns.”

Whip Appeal Surf Top, $83, avaialble at Tictail.
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The Brand: Stojka
The Need-To-Know: “Hungarian designer Alexandra Sztojkov learned long ago that ‘her true passion lies in getting physical with leather.’ Luckily for everyone, her amazing line of hand-embroidered bags and wallets means we can all reap the benefits.”

Stojka Dark Nude Leather Wallet, $58, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: BACK
The Need-To-Know: “Ann-Sofie Back makes cutting-edge clothing that’s daring and fun, but never dumbed down. This flamingo tee commands attention and screams carefree cool — it lets me pretend I’m soaking in the sun on some faraway island (when in reality, I’m stuck here on the island of Manhattan).”

BACK Uni T-Shirt, $88, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Nookie Wood
The Need-To-Know: “Best layered with a T-shirt or turtleneck, this jumpsuit was made for spring days in the park. Plus, created by a mother-daughter duo from Barcelona, you know a healthy dose of TLC went into its design.”

Nookie Wood Jumpsuit, $138, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: 05 Studio
The Need-To-Know: “A piece that does triple-duty as lingerie, a crop top, and yoga gear? Sign me up. This cool style — brought to you by Bulgarian brand 05 studio — enhances your body's natural shape while still allowing you to move freely and comfortably. A true testament to the top-notch quality of clothing made by women, for women.”

05 Studio Eunoia Printed Lingerie Top, $30, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: WRAY
The Need-To-Know: “I come back to Wray Cook’s clothes season after season. Her everyday essentials are the epitome of Brooklyn cool.”

Wray Bra Top, $115, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Li Looks
The Need-To-Know: “These handmade earrings from Li Looks let me—and you!—show the world I’m proud to be a woman.”

Li Looks Goddess Earrings, $47, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Jennie Ellen
The Need-To-Know: “You can always count on Jennie Ellen for shoes that are somehow both timeless and totally on-trend. Added bonus: Everything’s under $200, so they’re affordable, too.”

Jennie Ellen Mango Tango Yellow, $105, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Desiree Klein
The Need-To-Know: “Originally from Berlin but now based in LA, Desiree Klein makes garments that are sleek, sculptural, and good for the soul. This short-sleeved cotton turtleneck is a personal spring staple.”

Desiree Klein Audrey Top, $105, available at Tictail.

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