30 Sweaterdresses To Beat The Winter Blues

Photo: Courtesy of French Connection.
When it's cold outside, we just want to stay in, cuddle up by the fire, and sip hot chocolate. It's too bad we have to go on with our lives (and our work, studies, and errands) instead. We're forced to break away from our winter-wonderland fantasies and face the elements. If only there were a way to take that snuggled-up-at-home feeling out into the world with us...
The answer to our lazy-day prayers comes in the form of the sweaterdress. By no means revolutionary, the knit dress is underrated: It's basically a blanket you can wear out of the house while still being considered fashionable. It's incredibly versatile to boot. On warmer days, you can wear it with tights and ankle boots; when the vortex sets in, you can layer it over a skirt, and/or pants, and/or even another dress for some extra protection against the wind chill. Ahead, we found 30 options that will make this winter a little more bearable. Here's to keeping the cozy alive.
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Midi dresses for winter: That's a trend we can get behind.
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Zippers galore.
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This fitted sweaterdress is all business.
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A drawstring hem will prevent any Marilyn Monroe moments.
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Ribbed knits hug your figure just right.
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The fairest of them all.
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If you don't like feeling buried under your knits, find a sweaterdress with a ribbed waistline that highlights your figure.
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A relaxed cut for days off.
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A flared skirt gives this sweaterdress a little extra movement.
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Retro stripes for #TBT and beyond.
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This chunky knit is just as good as any warm fireplace.
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The leather trims on this sweaterdress not only maintain its shape; they also add a nice detail that sets the dress apart.
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Our favorite fall hue, in sweaterdress form.
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The wool paneling keeps your torso extra-warm.
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The longer the hem, the warmer your legs will be!
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A knee-length, textured knit for work and play.
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Wrap it up.
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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
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These aren't just pockets — they're hand warmers. Your winter salvation is here.
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Accent your neck with some clever colorblocking.
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Amp up the saturation on your go-to cold-weather print.
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You can wear this tweed dress solo with tights or layered over a midi or maxi skirt.
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A classic silhouette you can (and will want to) wear every day.
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Stripes on stripes on stripes.
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Who needs a bag when your dress has pockets?
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A bold print to match a bold personality.
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Yes, you can wear a sweaterdress to a more dressed-up occasion: This draped-shoulder frock gives off a more sophisticated vibe while retaining that cuddled-up-at-home feel.
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Zip this form-fitting dress all the way up when it's bitter cold, or all the way down on the first sultry spring day.
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Bright stripes to liven up a gray winter.
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Ribbed knit plus relaxed fit — is there anything cozier?