Studio Stalker: Inside The Tricked-Out Suno Workshop

Never has "swoon" been a more appropriate word than in the context of Suno (and the alliteration helps too), the two-year-old label from designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty. Off-the-wall color, mind-tripping prints, and ecclectic Indian textiles make Suno's pieces one signature that always stands out from the pack. Plus, you can feel damn good about looking good; the brand's all about fostering sustainable development in Kenya, 70% of production takes place in the country and helps to nurture local artisans. So, you can imagine their Garment District studio has to be a space where even Peter Beard would take a moment of silence. And that it is—Max and Erin (who also happen to be pretty stunning themselves) opened up their office doors to take us on a private tour of their design digs, and our retinas are still reeling. From a first look at resort '12 (oh those patterns!) to their inspiration boards, not to mention four aww-worthy dogs, get ready to—pardon the cheese—swoon-o. 

Click through to score a look at Suno's gorgeous studio with personal captions from Max and Erin, too!
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Suno designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty in front of their fall '11 mood-boards. Pretty, right?
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Inspiration books and a yummy-smelling Diptyque candle on the reception desk.
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Squid, one of four very adorable office dogs.
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A gorgeous sample of a previous season's the pattern!
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More books for inspiration—color-coordinated!—that now reside in the office (they took up too much space in Max's home).
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A sneak-peek at the mood-board for resort '12.
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More delectable Suno-esque prints from the upcoming resort collection.
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Resort! Can't wait for it!
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Who wants this awesome Wish I Was Here t-shirt...we do!
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Detail of that wishy T.
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A glimpse at Suno's beautiful sequin-embellished island prints, also for Resort.
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Suno interns Amy from Canada and Rushina from Kenya, both hard at work.
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Oooh...Loeffler Randall for Suno fall shoes. Love.
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Sign painters from Kenya actually created these beautiful paintings from Suno lookbook shots photographed by Tina Tyrell. The shoe is from the spring collaboration with Loeffler Randall.
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Max taking a Blackberry break.
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A rack of Suno-printed deliciousness.
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"It feels like we've already outgrown our office," said Max.
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More color-coordinated inspiration books.
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More Loeffler Randall for Suno samples that we love eternally.
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Can you stand it? More shoes...
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Another shot of that glorious mood-board for fall '11.
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Designer Erin Beatty at her desk, multi-tasking, looking very pretty, indeed.
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Intern Amy inking....what's it gonna be?
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More Suno sketches in gestation...
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A peek at the fall mood-board...Hi Iris!