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Spring Clean Your Body — Inside And Out

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    You've probably spring-cleaned your apartment, but — hello! — your body could use a little love, too. Yep, it's time to give yourself a little head-to-toe overhaul. And, we don't just mean looking great in a bikini (though these ideas could get you there, too). We're talking a body makeover from the inside out. Adding just a few easy things to your everyday routine can shift your body in a new, healthier direction — and it's easier than you might expect.

    Whether you're looking to find the organic foods you really need to eat, or you're ready for a tiny (yet effective!) detox plan, we've found 15 ways to get your body beautiful from the inside out — and yes, they're totally do-able. Consider it your countdown to summer...except this year, you'll be stronger, fitter, and more unstoppable than EVER.

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